Two shadows met once again in a dark room
That last moment froze yet fleets by so soon
Summoning all it takes to muster a smile they seek
Neither of them could give that smile however weak

How it felt so tender again in their warm embrace
How their smiles and laughter used to flood that very place
As quiet as both could remain in that shortest of time
They know that a love so deep was never a crime

She bade farewell and looked back in reminiscence
Excavating her realm of thoughts and hating her conscience
There they stood looking into each others eyes long & deep
The tears that filled their eyes was more than they could keep

She never wanted to leave.
He never wanted her to leave.

The moment she walked out the door and left for good
Her misty eyes & weary mind seized her every mood
Back in the car she hung her head in despair
From internal bleeding she cajoles her heart beyond repair

There she held that cuddly soft bear with the PFS tie
She wept and knew deep down that it too, wanted to cry
No.. it wasn’t a figment of her imagination
and Yes… it was too beautiful to be an illusion

Fighting back her tears she turned the ignition
Her feet hit the pedal but there was no acceleration
Certain things are inexplicable unlike the constituition
An independant lady reborn.. picking up strides to perfection

Penned originally by
Jessica Tan