I’ve had a rotten day.
Car fell into a ditch
College printer ran outta paper
Cellphone went outta batteries
Microsoft Excel committed treason on me
All the lights on the road turned red as I approached

Uh-huh. And there’s more. But it’s nasty to perpetuate, hence I will not
Anyway, its amazing what love can do to quench a negativity.
From my thoughts and musings :


You’d be partially deaf on one ear,
From my reverberating rants
And your arms would be left numb,

From holding me long in comfort

Your hair would be blown to one side,
From the magnitude of my scream

And your ribs would probably crush,

From the clasp of my warm locks

Your shoulder would be damp,
From the torrent of my tears

And your windows would crack

From the resonance of my quandaries

And in turn, my lips would etch a smile
Reason behind? Affection is like no other.

penned originally by: Jessica Tan

What would you do…
for the one you love?
you tell me.


What would domokun do?

He’d just sit back, open his mouth and smile.
If only it was ever that simple.