Morning peeps…Need some quick help!

I was driving in the car yesterday back home from an event and I managed to catch this rockish punk song playing on radio. Can’t believe I actually waited all alone in my car even after parking just to hear the radio announcers mention the song name and the band.

This was d last photo I took just before that song played!

It has this Greenday-meets-Fallout Boy feel to it! The beginning was really different though… it was some repetitive electric guitar plucking for quite a while then came the rockish elements and the heavy percussion bass.

Tried to Google and YouTube it but to no avail. It’s a really catchy song. I even checked the latest releases from most punk rock bands like Greenday, Fallout Boy, All American Rejects, Boys Like Girls and even local bands.

Was in my room listening to the radio all night till I slept, but I all heard was Black Eyed Peas, Flo Rida, Timbaland, Pixie Lott, Taylor Swift and more.
Hey, it’s NOT HELPING!
RAWR!!! >___<


I only heard it ONCE, but I think it goes something like :

“Me and You
When we are not alone
*something something*
We are together now
*another line I can’t really remember*
Through my window I can see
Our wildest dreams could be so real”

and another part I like :

“there’s more than you
and more than me”

It totally felt like a rock concert kinda song despite having such meaningful lyrics!
So annoying when you love the song but don’t know what it is!

Ohnoes I need to know this song! Is it some upcoming international band or some indie new song that can’t seem to be found online ANYWHERE on search engines?

If anyone knows what the title of the song is,
please lemme know!

Till now, I’ll be keeping my ears peeled and stuck to the radio. Just in case it plays again! Do help me pay attention to the song too alright? If I STILL can’t figure that song out or if all those radio stations didn’t play it again, Imma record myself singing it so that you guys have a better idea.

WILL/MUST/SHALL find out and won’t rest till I know what song it is! Bahhh!