This Urbanscapes virgin beckons you to check out her exhilarating 4 hours at this largely celebrated local art event. Honestly, the 1st thing that crossed my mind when I heard about Urbanscapes 2009 was –

“Some concert lah”

But no. It was a far more different that what I envisioned it to be.

Friends of mine mentioned that the 1st installment of Urbanscapes was in 2002 and its sequel was held in 2004. This year, I was lucky enough to be residing in KL; giving me no excuse to conveniently get my arse to KLPAC in Sentul Park where the celebration was.

I’m not KLpac virgin anymore!

This is my take on Urbanscapes for the peeps who left early
I arrived at 7pm!

Everywhere you turn, there’s bound to be a colorful sight!

I only managed to catch Pure Vibracion and Gerhana Ska Cinta do their thang on the stage at X-Lawn. Concerts & more concerts!

/puts on ethnocentric skin. For the love of local music yall!

The party was rockin’ hard – with everyone’s hands up in the air!

I kinda find Reggae music quite cool now.

Oh and, I’m loving the lead singer’s dreadlocks. Looks awesome on him!

Buddy Nigel and I just before the concert ended

Oh and I can never have enough of burfdays. Hee. Dubbed as the ‘Cake Santa’ (as per Jackie), I brought out my burfday cake again to be shared among those at the table during dinner time.

But like ants to sugar, more of my blogger buddies coincidentally came by our table. I think they smelt the cake 100 miles away. Perfect timing, huh guys? They too, stuffed the burfday cake down their faces.

There’s more than enough to go around! Come and share the love!

Hmmm.. IDK if my fellow Pokemon fan Yatz is gonna slaughter me but, I observed the way he ate and took some yummylicious photos. *runs and hides*

Step 1.
Smile for the sake of being friendly to the cake
Step 2.
Gobble it up with no mercy
Step 3.
Stuff your face with more cake
Step 4.
Chew hard & let Jessica Tan take your photo

And even after our ravenous escapade, there’s still so much cake left!
Being a total gurl, I wasted no time in checking out their Marketplace for some shopping. Lots of the vendors came from online blogshops.

In my element – shawwwwping!
While I was browsing for some good buys, I spotted something very interesting. My adorable white plushie that theboyfie bought for me has seemed to be all grown up!

It was enormous compared to the smaller one sitting on my pillow as we speak
My retail therapy did me good, as I splurged on a pair of killer high Gladiator Heels. /swoons Well you’ll see it at the end of this blogpost. Whee!

There was lotsa artsy stuff too on display. One which caught my eye was this recycled thingy that housed many tiny lil fishes. What a fab makeshift aquarium

That aquarium is just one of the many scrap material art on display. Love the way people can be so ingenious sometimes. I bet Robinson Crusoe must be so effin’ proud.

Lotsa peeps were chillin’ by the walkway too
Random notes :
  • Wow @ the live Twitter updates displayed on a flat-screen telly
    (Curse my non wifi-enabled cellphone. My tweets ain’t up there!)

  • A couple of those firebugs actually burnt themselves!

  • A can of beer costed RM10

  • One of the e-boutique owners actually said “F*ck youu lah you should buy this now” when she recommened something to me


I wowed at the group of pyromaniacs too. They literally gave a fire-burning performance with their flames and whatnot. Such swift movements with those flaming rods and chains took the crowd by storm.

I also noticed that all of them were wrapped with either headscarves or masks. My guess is that it is a move to protect the sweltering heat from getting to their skin. Either that or they were just pulling off the whole enigmatic look. Woots!
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Back inside the building, we checked out DJ Terence C spinning his shiznit on the console. A good blend of house and electro music were pumping hard through the bass throughout the hours.

Oh and to add to that, there was a Barsonic booth too, out in the open field. You can recognize the Barsonic fans from a mile away, with their funky neon colours and eccentric sense of style.

Urbanscapes marks my 1st time in KLPAC, Sentul.

Oh and, remember when I promised a picture of my new Gladiator Heels? Yuppers, I bought them from one of the blogshops during the event. Love it to bits!

Had a hard time liasing with my camera to coorporate with myself for a lil photoshoot session in my room. But in the end, it’s all good! Phew

Watch out
URBANSCAPES in the future!