Spent the whole day resting in bed and of course, helping mom doll up & get ready for her Annual Dinner in Equatorial Hotel. This year around, it was themed, ‘Under the Sea’

And of course, kakak helped too… a lot, actually.

“Yes Yes, turn right when you see INTI college.
No, not the new campus. The old building!”

Just before she adjourns, I managed to snap a picture with her. =)
Ta-daa! I helped picked out her dress & accessories according to the theme.

Alright, now that she’s gone, my job is done. Hurrah!
My turn to go out and have my fair share of fun.. hmmm.. Saturday night! Where am I heading to this week?

Haha. As mentioned in previous entries, I’ve turned over a new leaf – to be a good girl. Oh well, it’s kinda diff but getting used to it, is all it takes. Most of my friends are surprised at the new change and even teased me with sarcastic remarks. (YES.. IF YOU TERASA, IT’S YOU)


See? It’s even brimming.

But so what? so squat and smell your own fart. At least I’m trying, no? And I’m proud that I’m even trying. It just needs..

one fateful night of disaster..
to change my mind forever.

choy, i DID NOT get raped
I was actually really, really sick, almost hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. According to the docs, my BAC (blood alcohol concentration) was at a level detrimental to my health.

So, no more next time. I don’t wanna see my death caused by liver failure.


as I was saying.

My yesterday night (as opposed) was just good clean fun suppering with the pals and then hangin out nearby. Oh lookie, it’s almost midnight! Better get going =)

Where to? Since mom’s annual dinner isn’t over yet, why don’t we go and check it out? Pretty lasses in ballgowns & hunks in crisp tuxedos. *ooh* Why not? ^_^

As the theme was ‘Under the Sea’, we spotted a myriad of marine decorations and creatively assembled balloons to sea-creatures such as seahorses, dolphines and the popular figure King Neptune himself. When we sneaked into the VVIP room, we saw this slip of a beauty! It’s a clearwater fish in a long cylindrical case, pardon the reflection >>>>>

We came in just in time to see screaming banshees in euphoria due to their wins in the top-10 list of the lucky draws. Such madness *tsktsk* =)

It was awesome, for it’s been a looooong time since I’ve last seen her colleagues. We were socializing around the hotel’s foyer. Those peeps, Unc Ooi who always used to play around with me as a kid and Anas the adorable gay guy who’s always in the mood for sm

iles. Aunt Maggie the sport and Aunt Jeannie the sassy class of a lady. Miss em all! After a while, guess what? They invited us to the after-party!

lol. Vinz was headbanging during the famous number by Bon Jovi. Should take video man =P

Auntie Chan!!!!!!
We’ve been close since I was a toddler in pre-school.

Mom’s favourite peeps!
My mom the HR manager, (yes, I’m proud of her) myself, Aunt Jeannie – the customer service manager & Aunt Chan – her HR executive

Had fun partying with ya mum!

You rock big time!