Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Italian, English, Malay, Thai and many others are among the delicacies I’ve had opportunities in tasting and pampering my tastebuds with.

But no, not with German food………… until today.

Ribbons not included in menu, mind you

The relaunch of Eurodeli in Damansara Kim churned my stomach in preparation for a wholesome meal of German goodness. Did a lil research on German food and found that its most common and staple form of meat is pork and beef.

Oh gosh. My diet is busted again!

Ready, set… snip snip!

Completely different from its whitewashed and immaculate exterior, it was very cosy and dimly lit on the inside. Come in with me and let’s check the place out

It’s this really cosy eatery set in very rustic interior. Ample space for many tables yet doesn’t make the place too crowded. It’s decorated with huge canvas oil paintings hung on the walls, which are all for sale!

Lil bite-sized servings were going around

Those are all just appetizers, mind you. When the buffet began, peeps jostled to the table pronto! More vicious than a wildebeest rampage? haha.. prolly not, but it was really high-strung… you betcha.

i can haz hungers.

Eurodeli had to refill their stock of food so many times. Guess that already proves how good the food tastes. I’m actually wowed at how incredible people’s appetite can be.

Look, it’s German food we’re talking about. Solid meat in all varieties spelling a mean feat of carbs. More filling than anything, if I were to say so myself.

There were more than you can possibly imagine, housed in this cosy cottage of Eurodeli. We were treated to delights of Canapés, Salmon, Liver Sausage, Ham & Cheese, Cold Cuts & Salami, Potato Salad and Cucumber Salad… and that’s only the beginning!

What really made us all exalt the Gods of Gastronomy on that day were these fine slices of meat. I haven’t had this much solid meat in a long long time.

Bow down to the glory of Roast Pork Knuckles, Kassler Ham, Roast Pork Belly with Skin, Farmer Sausage, Emmenthaler Sausage and my all-time fave, the Freshly Baked Meat Loaf.

See that glistening meatloaf right on top?

It’s actually quite tough not to sound too suggestive nor explicit in painting a description of the sausages. I bet the older generation will frown upon my ‘innocent’ narration and cough both the very appropriately placed photos.

“The life-sized sausages were extremely long, thick and succulent.
Griping it with your bare fingers, you testify that it is moist and juicy.
With every bite of a sausage, its rich and creamy juices squirt right out.
Munching and tasting its tender flesh in between your teeth,
you’ll feel like you’ve achieved the Nirvana of gastronomic orgasm”

I kn
ow I exaggerated a little but hey.
It was that good, I swear!


Being typical German-oriented, there was so much beer going around for everyone in the house too. The Communications & Marketing Manager, Boon, kept offering us more and more beer. *burp*

Our bellies were more than satiated and our pants were almost bursting at its seams.
(So what if I’m wearing a skirt, it’s still bursting anyway!)

I reckon more beer could eventually make us barf out everything!
Now, let’s not waste good food shall we?

The whole lot of us, Floggers!
CK, myself, Andrew, Chris, Ken and Sidney

Waste good food? We certainly will not!
Here’s a ravenous picture to prove my point

Chomping it all down

That’s only like a quarter of that huge sausage.

And when you think they will let go of your tummy so peacefully, think again. For dessert, it was a 2kg Blackforest Cake with plenty of chocolate mousse for your hearts desire. Okay, enough of meat, see that large chunk of sinful delight in the background?

That’s the one. CK and I were absolutely going bonkers over the chocolate mousse. It was so rich and chocolatey that it feels like milky cocoa ice-cream.

For all my sweet-toothed & chocolate addicted readers,
this is for youuuu

Ah yes, and randomly… CK and I could not stop myself from posing with yet another Harley Davidson. Hey, it was parked so conveniently right outside the delicatessen so we ‘rode’ on it for like, 5 seconds?

I feel like those biker gurls going on biker roadtrips already
Where are my leather jackets and biker gloves?