Social media networks are growing rapidly and is now even wider than Big Mama’s waist. Yep, oddly how I found out on Facebook that my cousin was getting married instead of the usual word of mouth from the family.

Also, it’s funny how my friends and I can find out that we happen to be at the very same event together just by reading each other’s Twitter, and eventually meet up after that.

Look guys, EVERYONE is on Twitter! Be one of us Tweeples or risk not being in the loop or hype about every darnest thing happening around you.


What other way than to celebrate the growth of social media networks?

TwestivalKL was held in Mist Club, Bangsar and I was happy to get my hands on some tickets to join the hullaballoo. Many Tweeples from the Twitterverse attended this warm get-together event over some yummy food & drinks by fabulous sponsors such as Boost Juice KL, New Zealand Natural, PokenAsia, 1901 Hotdogs and many more.


The 1st person that greeted me was @dustyhawk , who grabbed his 100th 1901 hotdog at the entrance while I dug into New Zealand Naturals ice cream immediately! Who could resist a free flow of smooth Walnut, Chocolate and Cookies n’ Crème? I know I couldn’t.

Oh and just so you know, Imma refer to everything according to their Twitter screen names from this sentence onwards. Hey, it’s a Twitter Festival after all right?


Emceed by @willquah and @elainedaly, 7pm was the time #TwestivalKL officially began. As me,@benjicajess, came directly from driving outstation, I arrived kinda late.

Pals at my table:


@smashpop, @manda_lew, @gregorule, @benjicajess, @flyguy & @bboyrice

As I made my way to the couches of Mist, I spotted some familiar faces! After all the hi-byes, I joined my aforementioned friends at a nearby table to indulge in my ice cream, Tiger beer and a cheesy 1901 hotdog.

Speaking of the 1901 hotdog, imma show you how *gulp* deliciously thick and juicy it looks at the very end of this entry.

Soon after, there was a lucky draw session happening at the stage. Number after number, many Tweeples were lucky enough to win their items.

There was an auction going on too. I soon found out that #TwestivalKL was also a charity effort to raise funds, for Destiny Starting Point. The pastor made an appearance too to give a short & simple speech. He sure had a good time himself too with the rest of the Tweeples!


Altogether RM11k raised!

When I got to the front to join the hoo-hah of goodie giveaways, I was hoping to win myself some freebies too, if not the Lenovo laptop. Sigh, but LadyLuck wasn’t on my side. I went home empty handed but with a friggin good time and much camwhore piccies with the buddies.

Taken at one of the tables waaaaay in front, here’s another group photo.


@dustyhawk, @kellster, @benjicajess, @serpentinegal, @ramesstudio
And who’s that cutie behind me? LOL

This really cute pink Poken caught my eye and I began to camwhore with it. But unfortunately, the pink Poken which was supposed to be the focal subject, failed to show its prominence whereas 2 other people in the background did!


@smashpop and @mikecampton decided to include themselves in the frame as well. ROAR! It’s okay pals, let’s blame the one who shot the photo aye? *stares at @gregorule*


At the dance floor, I bumped into @rachelying, my former collegemate!

And when @elainedaly wasn’t on stage, we camwhored too!


Hmm.. is there something wrong with the following photo? Only those who know us personally will spot the mistake. Heh.


@benjicajess with her icecream & @joshlim. Do note that he is not, and will never be taller than me! Muahahahahha. I think they should start inventing platform shoes for men. *cough*

Admist the mingling, there was someone with the exact same pair of gladiator heels as mine! It wasn’t so much as an awkward mo where both girls will walk in the opposite direction when that happens… because we happen to know each other!


Imagine the

“ohhhmyyygodddd you have it too??

Quick! Take peektures!”

squeals spewing out from our mouths and a quick discussion on whose was a better deal at which footwear boutique. The boys around us scratched their heads at us girls when the entire scenario happened.

Can’t blame them, can we? : )


Performances ensued and we were entertained by the likes of breakdances, shufflers and the entire motley crew of poppers & lockers.


After that, the dance floor was open to the crowd. Time to boogey the night away!
Kudos to #TwestivalKl and their proud sponsors. I had a swingin’ good time


Oh before I forget… the SUCCULENT HOTDOG BY 1901 as promised,
Now now, refrain the mind from straying!