Woots! I’m beginning to feel the hype of the Ramadhan festive season!

Was previously invited to a buka puasa charity dinner with Prince Hotel and now, a Suzuki automobile dealer, Aiman Motor. Lotsa people of all races were there to share the warmth. Looks like Malaysians really exude the muhibbah spirit among races.


Lotsa cars were on display in their very bright & spacious showroom in this Petaling Jaya (PJ) branch. They have another branch in Bangsar, and it’s even a place where you could chill!

Anyway, I couldn’t take my eyes off the Suzuki Swift! It’s a adorable and small in size too. Anyhoos, above is a piccie of myself and YingZi camwhoring by the customized mentioned car.


As it wasn’t time for the Muslims to break their fasting period yet, we took some time to walk around the entire showroom. It was huge no doubt, and even had a mini playground, a flat screen TV with lotsa National Geographic & Readers’ Digest periodicals all stashed for our convenience. Heck, there was even a bar for their clients to chill while being serviced.

Talk about being state-of-the-art for an automobile showroom!

As it was quite a big event with VVIPs and directors of huge companies, they made some effort to bring in the theme of Hari Raya. The entire walkway from the entrance to the main showroom was decorated with traditional Malay-inspired rugs – just like the ones where you see in Malay folk villages in the past.

See my head popping out when Jackie was taking a picha

Before we knew it, it was time to grab our morsels. Food was served ala buffet style with lots of scrumptious dishes spoiling us for choice! From appetizers to main courses and even desserts!


All types of meat were in abundance such as poultry, fish, beef and even a huge lamb was brought to the table for a live demonstration of slicing & serving on the spot.


Oh and, no buka puasa session is complete without the roti jala in my opinion. Just like no girl is complete without at least a 100 pairs of heels.

Whoops, I did not just say that!


In conjunction with the auspicious 9th of September 2009 – 09/09/09, this established Suzuki dealer, Aiman Motor decided to launch their newly designed interactive website of aimanmotor.com.


It is a web portal for existing,future and even non-Suzuki car drivers to join. Go checkit out! I find the design pretty damn bright and cheery.


Perfect timing for everything! A website launch, a huge Ramadhan dinner and of course to celebrate the 999 date which happens once in a lifetime. A job well done!


Aight, Imma speed off now lest I get traffic summoned for taking pictures while driving – which is unfortunately, an essential part of my driving habits. God knows why I tend to catch interesting sights and sounds of everything whenever I drive around the city.


I know people who do, and so do I!