Perfect. Just perfect. 🙁
When I’m all out to begin my diet, I was invited for a food review @ Prince Hotel.

Why can’t people eat like the world’s coming to an end yet stay stick-thin?

Anyway, thank God Prince Hotel is launching their ‘Fit 4 Life’ campaign – with their new and healthy menu of various food stuff from all the categories of the food pyramid. Okay so, I won’t feel so guilty eating my guts out. (hey, it’s supposedly healthy right?)

So yeah, Tocky & I prepared our stomachs and threw our weighing scales away before this event. Be prepared. ahahahaa

We were given a neck/shoulder massage prior to the gastronomic therapy.
How pleasurable wtf

Neck & Shoulder massage?
“I DO”

Okay well.. it was somewhat proven that the massage was really good. Check out the very satisfied-cum-excited expression he had :

Please don’t tell me you jizzed in your pants

Why can’t there be male masseurs too? -cough-

Thank you lady, I needed that

Onwards, came the food-tasting. We decided not to take the same food somehow. But it turned out that I took the food with the same colour. How uninteresting. And bland. (ooops) I obviously didn’t take a piccie of my plate.

Veggies, Prawns, Some char koay teow look-alike thingy, mashed potato and yoghurt chicken strips
(honestly, I wonder how these are classified as healthy)

The Char Koay Teow look-alike thingy:

Eh. Enough. Enough.
You don’t wanna burst your buttons

I continued my hunt for butt-kicking good food and impressive food presentation. Considering the fact that the Chef de Cuisine, Sous Chef & Chef de Parties are all internationally experienced, it shouldn’t be an arduous task to spot ’em.

Pretty fly!
Tasted really fresh and the seaweed was served crispy

I liked the way those cooks prepared some of the meals. Old skool is the way to go! Oven baked to perfection. Check out his expression.. I’d liken it to that of Chef Wan.


People were in a long queue for this exquisite meal. All fish-lovers would prolly camp outside just to get a bite of this

How tiny
But the flesh was zomgwtfbbq-ly tender & fine!

Size does not matter as :

Whoopsie, I didn’t mean it to sound twisted.

Here’s another good quality fish

I dig salmon. Hell a lot.

Okay enough – don’t take my picture.
Come and taste the Salmon, you.

Little bite-sized delights makes me smile. I remember the last time I tasted it – in Equatorial Hotel for the Easter Day event. It was called the Russian Salad; served in a spoon too!

Teaspoons of Joy

There was a cooking demo too. The Jap chef presented the methods of making some organic PohPiah with rice paper. Yeah the paper is edible. I asked! 🙂

Just a few steps.. and put it in the steamer thereafter

You get this :

Have a healthy bite yo’
I’ll pass
Back to some more wholesome -cough- and less healthy meals. I walked to the other side of the buffet table and I saw another set of these pretty bites!

Thank you, I’ll have one. No, two. .. or maybe three?

There were more demos. He showed us what ingredients are to be used for a healthy meal. No preservatives, extra virgin olive oil, unsalted butter and other gastronomic jargon for dressings, condiments and herbs. Bestie Benj would know, but not I. LOL

Preparing for an oven-baked recipie

Apart from cooking demos, there was a Body Jam routine being presented on stage as well. Argh, reminds me of my gym days back in Penang. Guilt kills.

Take me higher to heaven please … the sin of food just brought down my brownie points

But not as bad as this :



Body Combat too, with pumpin beats! Okay once again, I miss my days back in Celebrity Fitness. Shouldn’t have quit. /grumbles

Smack ’em Whack ’em

Now on to the food… AGAIN

I stood there choosing for 5 whole minutes
So yeah, when we got to the table, we were a tad embarrassed that two people could eat so that much. One table >>two people >>MANY MANY PLATES.

This is monstrosity.

Tockytower, you’re killing the transmission!
(inside joke)

I got myself some thick Jelly with olives too. Reminds me of Extra Dry Martinee. Yum.

Oh and before I forget –
All soups were fab.
Except the chick pea one : we despised it

After stuffing ourselves silly, we adjourned for desserts. Sweet tooths, rejoice!

Such warm and crispy delicacies


oh for the lurve of rich chocolate fountains!

I wasted no time in satiating my greed for pure chocolate fondue with fresh strawberries.

Kinky, much? /winks

-cough- Much better than this, thank you very much. I’d go for sinful food anytime.

But okay-lah, I’ll give them credit for this
(it’s actually really good but too healthy lol)

Chef de Cuisine Donald J.P was friendly and informative like no other. We had a long chat not just about his Fit 4 Life menu, but about the cooking industry in general as well. Apparently, the latter came far and wide from overseas and my uncle in Ritz Carlton, Florida would prolly know him. Same country – what are the odds!

Hat’s off to Chef Donald P!
Flanked by myself and the short tower.

Bumped into Sydney as well, the BBO

Overall, it was a healthy good menu. I was told that chocolate isn’t sinful after all. Opt for the unsweetened or dark chocolate. That’s music to my ears! Do I hear bells ringing for all choc-lovers?

Lemme douse myself in sinful delights now

For the exercising part – tomorrow tomorrow and tomorrow will never come