OMFG Just got back from eXtreme hair salon last night and there goes my yikes! RM500 again. I remember blogging sometime back about my hair escapades. It’s about the revolution of changing my hairstyle and colour and length throughout the years.

See it – here

The colour of this picture is obviously
helped by the afternoon sun and photoshop

For those long-time readers of my blog, most of yall would know that I’ve always been a red head. Did it red for 5 times already. But as most red-heads would lament, the red pigments will eventually FADE and turn into some dingy yellowish-orange disgusting colour. Eww.

Like this –


So as usual, I couldn’t stand my hair looking so unwell maintained. I proceeded to the hair salon to get rid of that horrid color. Probably doing it red again or having a darker shade.

Just before the process

And when it’s done, here I am venting my frustration about how uncomfy I am with my new hairdo. Been lamenting about it in my tweets all night the moment I got home. Yeah I’ve been in mild depression with mom saying I look like Cleopatra with my new bangs πŸ™

It’s friggin short, okay???
I didn’t expect him to chop my fringe off when I said :

“I want a bit of bangs this time but
do it red for me like you always have”

I didn’t say :

“Make me look like an idiot with uber short bangs and dark red/purple hair that looks like black”

So not what I wanted.
You can’t even see the colour!

During dinner with Ketiak and Minny, I kept telling them how awkward I was and conscious I felt with that uber short fringe. The colour was almost black. I did not want to look like a high-school girl!
Minny liked it, but Ketiak didn’t.


So yeah, I got home.. and my maid told me it was nice. But mom just kept laughing. OMG even Michael Jackson’s father laughed at his nose. And now.. mom laughed at my hair! I’m not gonna give my hair plastic surgery (if that is possible at all) just because you sniggered at me, mom.

With the help of my tripod and mom (how ironic) . I did “self-photography” to see how it actually looked like on photos. Self-photography is actually a very interesting term mentioned to be before by my friends Jeffro and Joyce.


Okay with the picture above, I failed.
The focus point wasn’t correctly set and the photo turned out really blur with the background being the subject of focus instead. Dang.
Let’s try again. Now, be good Mr. Tripod


A little better. But no matter how much I attempt to camouflage my ugly short fringe and ugly hair colour with my hand, by trying to pull the longer hair towards the front or even posing in an un-geeky manner, it won’t change the fact that I look like a nerd with THE FRINGE.

Thus, making me somewhat emo throughout the day.
The boyfie jokingly said I look like a snail. But still!! πŸ™

I like Emily The Strange.

Now with my own mother and boyfie against my new hairdo, this is social suicide! ARGGGGHHHHH next time I won’t trust my hair stylist so much.

EMiLy tHe sTrANgE Pictures, Images and Photos
yeah yeah STFU
I’m just gonna sit at the corner waiting for my
hair to grow back while you laugh at me.