Hola, the POMqueen shall announce that the POMattacks must cease as the POMseason is now over & expired. *grins* thank you loyal subjects. LOL.

Anyway, here’s a lil itsy bitsy on the good, the bad and the ugly on my campus KDU.

The good, the bad and the ugly:


What could be better than KDU’s Jam.fm version 9? Hahaha. Not just Version 9, but all our previous versions as well. I’m kinda under duress to say this though, cos two of my seniors are sitting beside and in front of me. ROFL. Greetings here from Segafredo’s anyway

To all my classmates, feel free to
copy & save this picture for keepsakes.

Now that we’re done with THE GOOD, let’s move on.


What could wear a bad hat in KDU? I’m sorry and I hate to be a critic, but the award for THE BAD in KDU would be its bad service in Bon Appetit on a particular day.

I’m not saying this in general – this judgement is only based on ONE dining experience. My friends and I have dined in Bon Appetit numerous times and overall, we are pleased with the service. Good Job peeps!

but.. but.. WHAT IS THIS?

When we were having our meals and chattering away, the waitress came and poured ice-cold water in Joyce’s unfinished Ribena drink.

1. Without even asking if she wanted a refill
2. AND it was water. h2o!!

So, it became a mixture of:
water+ribena = pink icky-looking drink

Imagine drinking Milo halfway and then suddenly
someone poured a full glass of plain water into it.

I mean, come on. If she wanted to refill Joyce’s glass, she should have either poured Ribena (instead of cold water) OR wait until Joyce finished drinking her Ribena (so it won’t be a mixture)

No other options.
Can you think of any? =)

And now… *jengjengjeng*


My super-lame
lamer than lame avatar

Yes, it’s official. I suck at Adobe InDesign
Hey, it’s my 2nd time using it and I’m so unfamiliar with how to go about it.

I’d rather cheat and use Adobe Photoshop to create a better & realistic avatar.. or at least something that looks more like me than just a mishapen blob!!


The rest were playing around for their 1st time
with Adobe InDesign too
Here are some of their avatars :

Some were seriously nice and some were just as fugly as mine.

So yes… so long and farewell, says THE UGLY.

I’m so sorry I made you look like that.
Next lesson, I will try harder.


Anyway, he’s up for adoption.
>_< style="color: rgb(0, 204, 204);font-size:85%;" >He might have superpowers