Baby where’d ya get yo’ body from?”

“I got it from ma Momma!”

Okay, look.
Yo’ Mama’s so FAT she looks like she’s smuggling a Volkswagon


So… you still wanna get your body from your Momma? *winks*
Prolly not.

So the year’s come around again to appreciate all you Mommas out there! Ahh yes.
This year, mine was simple yet with the effort we put in, I’m sure our Mommas are glad right sweetheart? =)

Hear ye Hear ye
Royalty has arrived:

In the morning (which I overslept) we prepared the necessary foodstuff before we began cooking. Sweetheart eventually woke me up and I was on the go!

Eh. Hallo.
This punya rare occasion ok that lu all see me cook.


We weren’t the only ones making our Mother’s Day Lunch Feast. Kakak helped alot too and brace yourself for her one and only Penang Laksa!

I saw you drool. Don’t tipu.

We did our thang to make for the lunchtime and if I say so myself, our Mommas enjoyed our delicacies!

My signature Japanese Potato Salad

(credits goes to bestie Rach for guiding me previously)

Sweetheart’s Modified Sushi Rolls

(credits goes to Sim for inspiring us previously)

His dessert – Strawberry Cream Cheesecake

Hurray for us~!

The Queen Bees of the day, not so royal anymore huh?
Look at all 3 of them indulging!

One big happy family of Hawt Mommas & their brilliant kids *ahem*

Dad wasn’t excluded, aww look at ma momma & pappa! They’ve all grown up! Umm.. that didn’t sound logical. Ignore me

Nicey! A rose!

... of which I conveniently took to adorn myself with =)

Besides the gifts I gave you mom, here’s something from one of the things I do best. My passion in art brings you this, a tribute, just for you :

Happy Mothers Day to the superwomen of the world who have endured 9 frickin’ months of labour and bringing up your lil brats to what they are today.
p.s – We’re better than men. No?