Each and everytime I peer into a Desigual glass window, I would harbour much interest towards the psychedelic designs of their apparel, bags and other accessories. Seriously now, who would dare to be different and boldly step outside wearing something that resembles a swatch of patchwork nowadays?

I found out that this Spanish brand called Desigual, it has been around since the 1984! Coolios. Known for its geometric shapes, eccentric colors and squiggly lines, Desigual has certainly brought fashion forward.

I was given the opportunity to try on too!
It costs about RM400++ for this lovely sundress

True to its name, Desigual, which means Dis’equal in Spanish, carries the meaning “it’s not the same”. The brand began began with the objective to create a Fun, Fresh, and differentiated clothing range.

Me with brand manager Mun Fai & staff Ann Ying

This grand opening of Desigual outlet in Parkson, located in Pavillion KL was certainly a fun filled one. Many people were invited, including fashionistas, celebs and media alike.

Pretty booklets for all of us!

Apart from that, the refreshments served were fab too! Think chocolate brownies and cocktails being constantly served by men in suits 🙂

Erin ma beyotch & I <3
We’re clad in Desigual tops if you noticed! *high5*

Amongst the crowd, I managed to check out th estuff within the entire shop. Here’s what I fell in love with. Absolutely want them sitting proudly in my wardrobe instead of these shelves!

Goodness me. Such love!
When you see black, white & red – it’s me all over.

There were other bags being sold too, and it’s so perfect for a casual outing or event to a real hip & happening event like this. Desigual totally made patchworks a true work of art! I found it really daring and a novel idea.

Love the brown one too!

Buddy Erin particularly liked this one. I think it’s really classy yet chic at the same time. Especially if you know how to carry it with style, or match it with a really good pair of strappy studded heels.

That’s her carrying the aforementioned handbag!

Apart from handbags, totes and slingbags, there are other smaller merchandise as well. Take a look at their wallets, scarves and belts for example

I shot the one I favored most of course!
🙂 Santa Claus, I want this!

A nice psychedelic scarf to keep you warm

Those trendy & colorful splashes of print
is a signature design of its own

There were many to choose from, all within the latest cuttings and trends. They’ve got empire waisted dresses, summer dresses, dresses with butterfly sleeves and the list goes on!

Oh and see the brown coat on the left?
It costs almost one grand, ladies.
That’s high street fashion for you! 🙂

So loud and cheeky, no?
If you noticed, the dress on the left is what I wore
in the 1st picture of this entry

I couldn’t resist the temptation of trying on more summer dresses. It’s so different from the average dresses that we see on runways and on all the boutiques. Their dresses made me feel like I stand out from a crowd of plain colored apparel.

This one made me in touch with my oriental roots
It’s red with a golden threaded dragon motive behind
The upper part reminded me of a Japanese koi fish 🙂
But after a few varieties tried and tested, the one below was the one I chose – courtesy of Desigual Malaysia. Thanks guys! I liked this one particularly because I wanted to partake another color option, other than my usual black & red combo. And I think it reminds me of a Japanese Kimono. Geisha anyone?

Totally love the graffitized white bag too!
But hey, I should stop sharing all the cream to the girls already. It’s time to move on to these boys (or should we say, manslaves) who wait for hours on end for us girls to go shopping and carry our shopping purchases for us 🙂

Yup, Desigual has really nice graphic shirts too!
If shirts aren’t really your thing (stares at someone *cough*) , then you gentlemen can opt for tshirts instead. They’ve got really funky and bright ones! Totally makes you feel young again eyy

And oh, an Ed Hardy caps complements well too 🙂

After Desigual’s launch was over, it was open to the public for business. Again, many customers flocked the outlet one by one to check out the new designs and latest trends of this Spanish couture.

Busy choooooosing
Spoilt for choice huh? I was 🙂

Despite the extremely busy day for everyone, Desigual Pavillion managed to maintain their customer service with much hospitality and they were always there for me whenever I wanted another size and similar dress to try on!

And even camwhored with me 🙂
When the night came to an end, I was a happier girl with a brand spanking new dress to wear for more events to come! Oh and I loved the top that Erin bought for herself, a black one of course. Ooops I can’t help it! >_<

Here’s to the amazing team of Desigual staff line up!
Cheers 🙂 You guys made my day
What do you guys think of these designs at Desigual? Very uniquely different ey? 🙂