Woke up reeeeeeeeeelly late after partying hard from Artistry last night at Bukit Kiara. The last time I actually partied that hard was my burfday party last month in Zouk with my buddies. Hennessy shots and cocktails FTW!

This way for free-flow of Hennessy
& where the party begins

What can I say? The music was fabulous.
Especially Fat Man Scoop. I was within arms length of touching him (not that I want to but yeah you catch my drift) when he jumped off the stage to the dance floor to party with us for 15 whole seconds.

ya got a 50 dollar bill putcha hands up!
single ladies, I can’t hear yall!

More on how awesome Fat Man Scoop is very soon.
Plus, some funny pictures of his I-want-to-fart-but-can’t-let-it out expressions and also shots of him trying to climb back up the stage but was too heavy to get up by himself. LIKE HELLO HE WEIGHS HEAVIER THAN 300 POUNDS duh. He wouldn’t be our dear ol’ Fat Man Scoop if he wasn’t fat.

but he was godlike last night.

The Ying Yang Twins were there too, so were Dominique, The Homies, One Buck Short, DJ Milinka and the mind-blowing Mr.Sam on the decks. The set-up was fantastic, it was really grand!

The boyfie & I
some of our SSgang darlings & I

Buddies & I
(right click & view image to grab it pals)

Just a few photos for now but stay tuned for my full coverage on Artistry the Global Art of Mixing held on the 25th July 2009 very soon!

So watch this space and be back soon dear readers.
I’m bringing the party right here
for you to relish!