Today is the 4th day of my being under the weather and after my shots at the clinic again, I must say that I think I’m on the route to recovery.

Woo hoo! Despite my head still being very heavy, I can at least get up instead of being a vegetable the entire day. What saddens me is that the Gua Tempurung trip which I helped to co-plan has commenced without moi. *nods*
Very well. As long as my pals are happy, aku tumpang gembira.

So yeah, as mentioned in the previous post, I managed to drag myself to the PhotoComm class and it was well worth it. We got to roam all over the campus grounds and each nook & cranny to photograph anything that might bear resemblance to the letters of the alphabet.

Hurrah! This is when my pearly white cybershot can prove me its wonders. It was 1100++ bucks for crying out loud! It better deliver as well as its expected of. *sniggers*

My team mates: Keira, Theresa, Mike A, Imran Steven & I split up in pairs to venture on our own and guess what Steven & I got? Here are some of our photographs of letters of the alphabet around the campus:

Notice what the letters above spell =P
haha. ANYWAY

My favourite shots are both of these!

And of course, the initials to my name

Oh well, my buddies are coming back from Gua Tempurung soon. Hopefully, I’m well enough to have dinner with em! *crosses fingers*