My day had a turbo good start when I found something on my doorstep today!
Hmm.. it’s a package addressed to me in a very recognizable DHL wrapping.

Let’s check it out shall we?



Oh the love of precision cut crystals!


It’s a Swarovski pair of earrings – perfect to wear for a fine dinner date out! πŸ™‚ All courtesy Reebonz, an exclusive online shopping portal. Thanks guys!

They have also been featured a couple of times in some Singapore publications like Her World, Female, Today and now, right here on this blog for the shopaholic in you!


That’s my package – finally arrived!


I absolutely adored these lovelies and ya know what? Swarovski’s aren’t all that they’ve got. has an entire world full of blingblings and pretty things that will make your eyes turn around in circles!

So ya really think wearing things that costs more than what you earn a year is that difficult to get your hands on? It’s time to parade in your new designer goods that you THOUGHT was only meant for the rich and famous.




So, Imma share with you everything you need to know :

Reebonz is a private online shopping destination of premier brands and private sales. Ya know why it’s so exclusive? Their website is only open to members. Anyway, their online sale event usually carries on for 2-3 days where products from a specific brand is available for you peeps to purchase. Once the sale is over, it is over. (but you can bring back some of the faves!)

And not to worry, as purchases are made online using credit card or paypal account under a secured environment


1st thing you’ll see upon entering
Choose your country – I’ve chosen Malaysia πŸ™‚


Benefits for Malaysians!
I’ve extracted this out from their profile for you to see


Reebonz offer products ranging from medium to high-end luxury products. Our focus is on making luxury affordable. So, we offer such luxury items at jaw dropping discounts for our members. In addition, we ship to the whole of Asia Pacific and that includes to all parts of Malaysians. We also have giveaways on our Twitter page and Facebook page to offer attractive prizes to our members.




Oh guess what, the previous Recessionista Giveaway winner happens to be a Malaysian! She won for herself a Coach Bonnie Leather Bag! *turns green with envy*



The Twitter Coach Bag giveaway is still on and it is open to anyone and everyone! More details can be found on their blog [HERE]

As my reader, I’ve invited YOU to check this out for yourselves
Just type the word ‘jess’ beside the ‘GO>’ button
and you’re in!

or if you’re lazy, click
[HERE] πŸ™‚



Fancy some Prada, Gucci, Miu Miu, Coach, Kate Spade, Givenchy and other collections from their latest seasons? The original price will probably slash your paycheque into shreds, burn them, rise it from the ashes and burn them again to leave you grass to eat for the entire month.

Luxury that you can afford yo!


Ya know how we watch and read those Shopaholic series or other retail therapy movies whereby exclusive warehouse sales are held for these designer goods? Yeah this is it! But online at your convenience πŸ™‚




I’ve got mine – you should too! πŸ™‚
Or get them as a gift for mom, godmom, me, aunt, grandma


I’m also a proud member!
Who doesn’t love shopping? πŸ™‚

Β Check out my future post for Reebonz here.