Tell me you don’t know Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto and I’ll whoop your booty to Timbuktu. I’ve always wanted to go to Disneyland to hug the entire Disney characters real tight and take pictures with them, have you?

It seriously tugs on all my nostalgic strings back to childhood. Those were the days when I dreamed of fleeting fairies like Tinkerbell and combing my hair with a fork just like Ariel the Little Mermaid.

Or times when I sat on the living room rug wishing it would turn into Alladin’s magic carpet and swish away to a faraway palace.

A faraway place like here!

Yes I was that delusional. But then again, aren’t all kids so?
So if you fancy Disneyland and all its fantasy cartoon characters, I’m giving you a heads up on how you can be a step closer to get there!

Express and Win contest
Express yourself in the most creative way with a simple green tie and if you win, you’ll be jet-setting on a trip with to Hong Kong Disneyland with the Generasi Hebat stars which I showed in [this entry] plus exclusive Generasi Hebat collectables!

Click [here]
to know how to join the contest

It really is simple, wear or do anything with the Brand’s Generasi Hebat Tie in a really interesting and out-of-this-world way to win the judges hearts’! The crazier and more creative the better!

For example, here’s a few simple shots of me :





I know you can OBVIOUSLY do better than I can, right?
Ya better do if you wanna be chosen! : )

So here’s a recap on what you have to do.

  • Shoot a picture of your creation and upload your photo in the [ Facebook Applications] and tag yourself
  • Attach it together with your entry form obtainable from there
  • The FINAL step is to cross your fingers and pray hard that your photo will be the favorite pick! All the best and remember to bring back Disneyland souvenirs for meeeeeeeeee : )

This is your Disney girl speaking,
over and out!