How often do you have a treasure chest of goodies knocking at your door?

Not often – actually, not at all.


Courtesy of The Little Trinket Company, I was given some pretty little delights to gloat over for the rest of the night with my girlies! Knock knock came the mini black and gold treasure chest one evening.

Even my lil plushie wondered what it was

Let’s take a peek inside shall we?
*rubs hands with glee*

Pretty lil imported charms combined with Swarovski Crystals!

And what else? Ooh, a letter sealed in a scarlet red envelope. Amazing how they really catch my eye with liberal splashes of red and white hues. Those colours always gets me going.

Let’s see what it has in store for me :

a Dear Blogger letter..awww!

I didn’t hesitate to grab em and put it on my lil makeshift studio at home for a lil shoot before I proudly wear it on my wrist. Don’t want the charm of my brand new charmbracelet to run out! (like it ever will?)

Let’s see why this charmbracelet represents me

  • handbag for the shopaholic in me
  • trumpet for the music freak i am
  • eiffel tower for my soul to go a-travelling
  • silver wings for an iconic fraction of my tattoo
  • converse for the street & ghetto chick I am
  • camera for the photohunter in me
  • red Swarovski crystals fave colour, need I say more?

But all in all, my favorite pick would be the bronze Converse. My trusty ol pair of black converse has been with me since the high school days.

I never get tired of wearing them
(a good remedy after nights & nights in killa high heels)

Oh my, now I know the purrr-fect thing to wear tomorrow for ma girls’ night out at Euphoria. Bet they will love them too 🙂 Who wouldn’t?

Charmbracelets are a major craze to girls lately
That’s where The Little Trinket Company comes in.
You’re gonna be spoilt for choice!

One thing I love about charmbracelets is that it is a representation of who you are, what you like/have always dreamed of, or even to carry a memory with you. Be it anything, I bet you will find the right charm!


I don’t mind choosing the charms with you online too!
Let’s do some shopping together shall we?

I like to wear mine with the black bands I have on all the time

I’m pretty sure The Little Trinket Company will be every girl’s cuppa tea. No worries if you’re the rough-and-tough gal who beats the lads at arm wrestling though, there are also charms of a hand grenade and other boyish stuff.


So heads up gurls! Go crazy and choose them silly

Attention to the boys :
this will make a really lovely gift for your girlfriends, wives, mommas, grandmommas (yes! the gramophone wtf), aunts, nieces, daughters, next door neighbour or whoever you deem will be just as delighted as I am.