Ya know how amusing it is when the older
generation does things on the internet?

I’m not talking about those technologically advanced or internet savvy 40-50 year olds, I’m talking about 40-50 year old people who seldom use the world wide web.

I’ve come across this sentence that a friend of mine told me :
“my mom double clicks everything”

Ya know what? So does mine.

And this week. I’ve been hearing the same thing every day. My dad gloats about YouTube to me and claimed he discovered its existence.

He’s been on YouTube every night and streaming videos
till my connection speed goes bazooka


And, just a few minutes ago, my cousin Shaunny told me that his mom was ‘talking to herself’ when we were all webcamming. Apparently there was no microphone attached to their computer on their side, but she was still talking.

And look! Our mom’s comes into
contact with the webcam!

Yes, they were amusingly fascinated with this
phenomenon called the ‘video call’

Well, she has to learn somehow or rather anyway, as Imma leave the nest called home and fly off into the working world very soon. Talk to you online, mom!


come to realize it, it’s actually very very soon
till I say goodbye.