Cause I’m just a teenage dirtbag baby
Yeah I’m just a teenage dirtbag baby
listen to Iron Maiden baby with me

By Wheatus

Ever heard of this song?
I was first introduced to this cute one by buddy Benj in 2005. I like how it’s so innocently written and it’s really old skool! If you google the entire lyrics and listen to the song, it’s pretty adorable, really.

‘Nuff of dirtbags. Ya know how people seem to have an addiction to coffee. They say when it kicks in well, it kicks in real good. I beg to differ. Strangely, I have this incessant need for tea as of now.

Probably one of my futile attempts at detoxing.
Heh. Never works.

I’ve drank many types of tea, just for the fun of experiencing new flavours and aromas. I’ve had Lipton, Green Tea (Ocha in Japanese), Black Tea, Earl Grey, Herbal Tea, Darjeeling, Chai Tea and the list goes on.

But one teabag made me swear not to come within close proximity of any tea ever again. At least maybe till next week.

Oh and, if you are following me on Twitter, you’d have already heard this rant yesterday. No offense to this tea company whatsoever, as every individual has a preferred taste. Just my sentiments.