The results are out for Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2.
So here’s the usual drill, a sneak peak on yesterday’s event : MDG2 finale at The Curve, before my full coverage

Check ’em out.

Reminds me of a scene from Sex and the City

*psst* Although not an avid follower of the MDG series, I didn’t mind attending the finals just to do some shooting yo. Besides, there were many physically gifted models with near-perfect features to boot, so why not?

Met up many of my blogger buddies too

We had fun fooling around.
Especially when they all tried to steal sips of my Tuborg

yes okay, stop camwhoring.
Let’s get back to business

Lotsa parading done for HP and various other fashion brands:

Aight, I’m not gonna drag you guys on by not telling you who’s the winner coz ya prolly have already found out somewhere by word of mouth or somewhere on the world wide web.

Just before the results were announced

But if you haven’t already knew, This is it :

2nd Runner-Up : Dawn

1st Runner-Up : Pinky

Champ | Malaysian Dreamgirl ‘o9

But nevertheless, everyone is still a winner and a diva at heart.
Good job gurls! Loved the drama fyi πŸ™‚

Stay tuned for my full coverage of the finals.
Pictures rampage ya’ll!