Aightey, remember where I left off – here?

So as promised, it’s time for the 2nd Episode!

.Episode 2.

So the 1st week’s over and I’m embarking on my second week of the semester break! I took things on slow gear and went back to visit my family for the week, before hyping things up for my 3rd & final week!

Oh – but before I begin, I found this somewhere in my folder:

Initially I wanted to sketch Mr. Ken, but screwed up midway
so I just decided to make a fool out of the whole sketch.

Ahh yes.. my 2nd week began with a road trip back to my beloved Ipoh with Sweetheart, mum & kakak.

We hit the road!

And had lunch at Kenny Rogers. It was our usual favourite but somehow, the quality has deteriorated over time. It’s been quite a few times we dug into our meals happily only to be rudely shocked by this :

Btw, bestie Joyce just happened to look over and she automatically said
(translation: ewww. what’s that??”)

Whilst waiting for the rest of the family to finish up their ghastly-looking portions, we fooled around with the camera


And thankfully, dinner wasn’t as dissapointing as lunch – in fact – it was actually really good. We all opted for Northern Indian cuisine instead of the usual Chinese restaurant. There was this very popular outlet all the way downtown called Pakeeza.

Quite classy a place, if I were to say so myself

The abundance of glorious Indian food came in more and more throughout our dinner – thosai, boneless chicken, tandoori chicken, naan, banana leaf rice, beef curry.. etc.

They even received an award from TV3! Anyone knows of the ‘Jalan-jalan Cari Makan’ search? It’s a food search reality TV show. So check Pakeeza out if you’re down in Ipoh anytime! *woots*

Worth giving it a try.. fo shure!

When night fell, we partied a lil, played drinking games & cards all night.
Oh, in conjunction with one of our monthniversaries too~ ♥♥

Who has a rockin cool uncle, mum, godmum, grampa & granny? I do!


ZOMG it was awesome to see them all tipsy. I made my granny drunk! LOLOLOL
She’s one kickass grandma, f.y.i

And here, my godmum, the graduate from Leeds, United Kingdom – her other side!

The drunken side!

and when everyone’s asleep, Sweetheart & I had our own quiet time alone – watching movies with a tub of Chocolate Hazelnut ice-cream. ♥♥
ahahaha. Goodnite all

my babyobject. such a beauty, no?
*hugs tightly*

I can now take my photography passions on another level!

Oh, and to end the week, I took mum out skating.
Yes, I literally dragged her to the rink to skate with me.

She tried so hard NOT to fall and kept gripping the sides so ferociously ; so much so that I could imagine her scratch marks all over the glass

but in the end..


ahahahahaha, nice try mum