Well, as much of my buddies already know, I’ve been up and wide awake till the wee hours of the morning ever since work has started. Sometimes, I’ve been going to classes as late as hell too because of the inadequate sleep

So wot have I been up to?


As of late, my bedtime is 4am-5am. T_T Yes, I know it sucks but those deadlines are seriously till my neck. But apart from all the stress of staying up late at work and coming back with more work to do with 200++ photo editing to do and burning the photographs into cds after cds, I can honestly say, I do love my job.

No, I ain’t kidding.
Lovely boss Priscillia and I during
Dream’s Most Wanted Hip Hop night
Me with the collabo boys and rapper Schizzow during the event
the DJ of the night, boss and I

Throughout my course of work, I’ve rubbed shoulders with some important and really cool people.

JJ and Rudy of Hitz.Fm!

the boss of Mois itself – Mr. Selva

and many more

Apart from that, I’ve also met people of ALL kinds. Very very diverse, if I were to say so myself. You would never believe the kinda weird people I meet.

AHAHAHA . Okays, I won’t say much but.. there was this one man who innumerably flipped and combed it and insisted that I take his picture over and over again. It was the 34th photograph that I politely excused myself as I had many more OTHER shots to take. LOL talk about being narcissistic!

Speaking of which.

Working as a freelance event photographer exposed me to so much more hands-on experience and especially how to handle the subjects.

Working even on my POM Night

I can truly admit that I’ve taken everything I’ve been through as a stepping stone to achieve better and better quality photographs. I still have lots to learn!

After work at USM’s tanglung festival
Speakin of USM, my current project is teaching n guiding the
USM students’ photography club.

Ya know, the strangest thing was.. I cultivated my passions for photography since I was a kid of only 5 years old. Back then, only those film cameras were used and mom had always screamed her head off at me whenever her camera goes missing from her cabinet.

Yes, true enough.. it was with me.


Just a handful from my collection

I’m pretty darn sure most of the people I mix with or at least relatively know me, will label me as the ‘girl who keeps taking pictures of everything’. Yes, I am fully aware of that and NO I do not mind at all. ^_^


That’s because with each picture I take, comes with a reason or an aesthetic value behind them. Thus no, I do not take photographs for no good reason. ^_^

Learnt lots from my photography mentor and sifu, New2Mac. He was one of the few people who drove my photography passions to a higher level

Penang FlickR photography members @ Little Penang Street Market
yay our club Tshirt is gonna be done soon!

At work for Danzity’s dance roadshows

Danzity’s iDance campaign is
sponsored by Maxis Hotlink

Hmm.. being paid to club, how does that sound? ahaahah awesome? But the truth is, I hardly get to club or party the night away when I’m working although I’m within the premises. =( AND, I do not remember when was the last time I enjoyed in a club, besides working.

Killing time with DJ Hill and DJ Alvin just before work ends

Just one of those nights at work

Other than that, I work on other projects too. B.E.D Penang has launched a new menu and I was honoured to be called in for the food photography to be on their advertisements and menu.




And my boss and I had to gulp down everything after I’m done with the shooting. GOSH, imagine 25++ dishes shared by 3 people? No freakin way.

To wrap it up, do feel free to drop by my FlickR page to
view my collection of photographs

(it’s not very updated, I’ve got 4 more events and functions to upload)
LOL bestieRach caught this picture of me whilst I was
capturing one of the models being made up

Hahha. Oh by the way, I didn’t post up most of the photographs I’ve shot at work for fear that it might be sensitive to some. Like, duh.

Those are clubbing pictures and certain people might have ‘secretly’ gone clubbing or might be holding some holy or high position so much so that they wouldn’t exactly favour other people seeing them partying their head off.

And so, I do not want to be responsible for any trouble they get into


Oh and, for those of you who are looking for an event photographer for anything at all such as your birthdays, weddings, graduations, parties, family gatherings, drop me a mail at jessie@benjicajess.com for enquiries.

And happy deepavali to all.