Finally feeling a wee bit better to be up and to get my fingers bloggin’ again! Argh, staying in bed since Saturday ain’t my cuppa tea. Believe me, it sucks twice as bad when you have nothing to eat but oats and bread, followed by the much dreaded medicine.

No time to be sick. Let’s parrrtayyyyyyyyy!

My heartfelt appreciation and gratitude goes out to all of you who left your well-wishes in my previous post. Also, to those who cared to text, IM and gave me a call to see how I’m doing. Aunt Queenie just appeared at my front door a couple of minutes ago and brought me sandwiches, papayas and chrysenthemum tea. Really, you peeps hiked up my spirits.. I’m en route to recovery already!

scuba diving pictures
So here goes

It was JUICE 7th Anniversary bash on the 31st of July @ Euphoria by Ministry of Sound and one thing’s for shure, you’ll see us party people there. The theme was Future So Bright, with a neon and colourful themed dress code. I initially didn’t plan to shoot any event photos for the night but ohwell, when I was slightly less occupied, I figured out some shots won’t hurt, yea?

When I got in after closing the VIP registeration booth, lucky me was just in time to catch some dance routines by the contestants for the ‘Face Off’ challenge.


Check out the rest of the contestants

Dude, it’s a face-off
scuba diving forum

Whoa. This fella was rolling and crawling all over the dance floor


Another contestant caught me eye. Hell yeah. This white dude had the looks and features of a chiseled statue. If looks could kill, I’m certain all of us would have dropped dead already


confused smileys
He then proceeded to strip himself topless which garnered him lots and lots of roaring cheers and high-pitched squeals from the ladies


The next contestant was really boisterous! He was indeed a ball of fun and such a sport. I bet many gurls are envious of how he shook his thang and busted those smooth moves

He had the crowd held in his grasp
scuba diving

For being such a vivacious spirit and cutesy-pie, you get thunderous support from the massive crowd of party peeps!

Grats for winning the face-off

My buddies and I too partied hard when the boomboombass music began to tear up the dance floor. It was pretty interesting to see them all dressed in bright colors according to the dress code!







Soon after, more games struck the stage. It was the Best Dressed competition and there were a handful of bold colorful peeps who volunteered themselves for this challenge. However, us bloggers shoved a fellow blogger Chris up on stage to try his luck

Emcee Joey G asking the crowd for some luv

Amonst the 5 contestants,
Chris won! WOOTS!
(A shot of the top 3)

Happy fer you champ! Looks like our yells weren’t gone to waste after all.That’s the way to go! You make me proud, short tower tocky (inside joke)

You go buddy! xoxo

The final game was rather simple. The contestant who had the most JUICE badges pinned on themselves in the shortest time will emerge victorious! One of us bloggers participated as well and managed to get into the top 3

The top 3 quick-fingers
Grats Simon!

We were taken into a new dimension of Crunchtime by Arabyrd aka Arafah, with infectious rap beats that could race a stallion anytime.

It’s Crunchtime babeh!

She reminded me alot of Missy Elliot. With her smooth rap verses and powerful bootyshakin’ dance routines. She also busted lots of freestyle rapping, you rock babe!


However, there was something slightly amiss. Lotsa people actually remarked that they could all see that she was accidentally overexposing. Hmm.. pulling off another Janet Jackson move? Yup, I too realized that I was among the other photographers who caught her nipple-slip on camera.


Oh damn.
Looks like someone just jizzed in his pants

scuba diving in sharm el sheikhscuba diving in sharm el sheikh Whooops! scuba diving in sharm el sheikhscuba diving in sharm el sheikh

Soon after, we headed to a nearby coffeeshop for some Chinese.


Here’s a piccie I caught of Inari-Kangkang Ken as he was trying to take a whole group shot of us. Whoops from my angle, he looks friggin tall that’s for shure!

Sexxay exposed hips yo?
I wonder if that turns anyone on

scuba diving in sharm el sheikhscuba diving in sharm el sheikh WHOOPS scuba diving in sharm el sheikhscuba diving in sharm el sheikh
Looks like it did

LOL @ this candid photo

Why do me & Kristine look so disturbed
yet Fauna & Flora look so spaced out?

Awww, look at your beautiful bloomingpetals!
evil grin smileys
I didn’t know it was spring already~

Dammit, the godforsaken meds are making me drowsy
I better hit the sack now unhappy smileys

Camwhore photo creds to
Jackie, Kristine, Joshua & Chris