Her eyes are in such dreadful pain
After her continuous downpour like the falling rain
Her vivid past, a part of her that was so real
The agony felt is impossible to conceal

Her heart spells a cryptic wonder
Of what would be, could be, as she ponder
Rewinding back her thoughts that seem so vacant
Why didn’t she see, that she was often forsaken?

Her head pounds to the pace of a drumming beat
As she retraces the unspoken whispers in discreet
Deep in thoughts, her mind is engulfed yet again
Bewildering how she could keep herself strong and sane

Reading her other poetry written in ink
She can’t help but to wonder and think
Is she as strong as she thought she would be?
Or.. would she succumb again to things she didn’t see?

Torn, broken and shattered are the words spoken and said
Of which were exactly the words she used to articulate
She knows what an uphill struggle this possibly is
As she retains the memory sealed with a kiss

Things change but memories last a lifetime
If she could relive those moments so one-of-a-kind
She would if she could
And if she could she probably would

Out the door she walks with her soul in her hand
She leaves with a heavy heart and buries it in the sand
On that new gravel path her journey begins
A walk of destiny ; her strength regains.

penned originally by:
Jessica Tan