oh wow.. it’s
great to be back after a week long break from myself. Been emo all week that it felt that I was losing myself. so ANYWAY, ’nuff with that, ye? =)

Where did I leave off? Epo!
Yes.. it’s back to Ipoh, the place where I deem as home

Imagine being in a relationship someone you love, for a decade? nope, it’s not the 10th anniversary between my dubby & I, we’re only in our 4th year. =) It’s actually…


I can stand under your umbrella, ella ella eh eh

At a tender age of 9, she took me as her own god daughter and now, I’m a young lady of 19. The 10 years with her has been lovely. But of course, being in any relationships has it’s fucked up moments and it’s sunshines. There were times when I felt like strangling her alive, but hey.. I love her all the same.

Oh and, credits goes to mum for making it all happen from the very beginning 10 years ago.

I didn’t know what to get godmum for our anniversary, so I gave her a custom made tile to hang on her door. And she gave me a really cool & feminine pair of shades! I’m lovin’ it! And not forgetting my prized possession of a pearly white Sony Cybershot

Our weekend was fabulous!

We had my favourite ice-cream at home…..

and WENT out for more ice-cream with mom & gramms..

I know you want some ice-cream too e.t, quit staring and be a good dog.

and of course,


*too busy to capture any shots*

The was a slight drizzle in the evening and I couldn’t help but to capture the lovely sunset sky

.. and being me, I captured this poor girl scurrying for shelter

our special day ended with a warm get-together for dinner with de folks

I was filled to the brim, bejeezus! It was not only good food……

but the time spent with my folks was really worthwhile.

The whole motley crew! They’re my loves, and they rock big time. (gramps and my boo is missing tonight)

Hmm… dubby couldn’t join us this time around as his dad was back in Penang for the weekend during the Water Festival in Babcock. Bangcock. Bangkok.

Dyed my hair purplish red on my last day in Ipoh.. cos I just couldn’t stand the faded red of mine, reminds me of some TuKauAhBeng colour. The glory of my red hair lasted for a few months before turning into that stubborn TuKauyellowbrownAhBengcolour.

After doing my hair, we hit the road back to Penang. I was busy photographing some stuff on the road when I managed to capture this

Some vicious air pollution?
What the?

Oh… So this is the culprit!

We reached Penang safe and sound in the evening.

Thanks for making my weekend folks! =)