Okay. Out of ALL the FML stories that I tweet about every now and then, nothing beats this. Yup, you betcha. Right here right now, I’m stuck in an epic problem. Yes literally stuck IN BETWEEN this shit.

Ya know how every condo unit will have a main wooden door and a metal grill gate right? Yes, that’s where I am now. In between those two – I’m not locked OUT and NOT locked in. I’m simply stuck in the middle of this dilemma.

So I whipped out my berry and started blogging this,at this very moment. Thank god! For without it I would be bored to death. T_T Much love goes out to my concerned friends that BBM-ed me the moment I tweeted about it [here]!

Speaking of which, I’m on the phone with buddy Erin now. So nice of her to call! *hugs* However, there were nasty friends of mine that laughed at me and even kept retweeting me! But then again, I don’t blame anyone la. It IS kinda funny come to think of it right?

Okay yay, just got word that someone is coming to save me. Now all I can do is wait and try to find some self entertainment. I just opened my shoe cabinet and *shy* I didn’t know I had that many pairs of heels. Ooops!

Hey I’m actually beginning to get used to being locked up and sitting here on the cute Ikea stool that I derive pleasure in hurling random rants on this blog. Hmm, it ain’t that bad after all. Oh you know what’s funny? Things could be worse. I thank God I’m not hungry. And fortunately, I don’t feel like I need to pee.

And good thing I’m not claustrophobic. Or afraid of spiders.
There’s one in the same corner as me now.

The best part was when I asked mom what to do, she told me to camwhore to pass my time and send her my miserable pictures. Haha. Okay, it’s now clocking into one solid hour in this cage already. Sigh. You can come and take pictures of me like I’m an ancient relic in a museum display window if you want to. LOL

This is for you, mom

NOW I KNOW HOW CRIMINALS FEEL IN PRISON AND REHAB! Heck, those jailbirds don’t even have internet for chrissake -_-” Ohnoes. Let’s just hope my berry doesn’t run outta battery before I’m rescued outta this.

Entertain me, somebody?
I don’t like it here 🙁