Why do you think being bloggers are awesome?
Simply because we are 🙂

A huge group of selected bloggers were given tickets to attend June’s Hennessy Artistry featuring Young 6ixx, DJ Yasmin, Lap Sap + VJ Spacebar held on the 4th June 2009.

Yes that was only last night!

Yuppers! As promised, I take pride in giving you guys prompt and complete coverage. So buckle up and get ready for my take on the head banging, booty shakin’ and electro spinnin’ party in Phuture, Zouk KL!

Here are the talented peeps being featured for this installment of Hennessy Artistry, lemme first introduce ya’ll to them. 6ixx was brought to Malaysia all the way from the United States even!

Among the talents in the line-up

I was there with the rest during the meet-and-greet session before the show began. A mini press conference was being held as well. LapSap duo were in a live interview by Natalie from Hitz.fm.

omfg LapSap Blink is so adorable

Sorry but, I can’t help associating Natalie with an image of a very masculine person. I love her voice and all but this is my 1st time seeing her in the flesh.
No intention of giving flippant remarks but heck, I prefer her offscreen LOL

I’m prepared to be wow-ed by them tonight!

I took my chance in grabbing a piccie with them

We were served with free-flow of Hennessy drinks the entire night.

scared smileys

Imagine, Hennessy from 8.30pm till the wee hours of the morning! Shooters on the rocks and their signature cocktails Hennessy Soda, Hennessy Ginger and Hennessy Apple were in abundance

Even LapSap Xu had his share of Hennessy

And so did I

I attacked the shots the moment we arrived Zouk

Soon after, the session ended and it was time to partay the night away.
But then again, what’s a party without their rockin’ party peeps?

My buddies & I at the Bloggers’ VIP area

My guest for the night, Nigel
(YES I wore my fave pair of Converse.
So that I can dance all night w/o feelin’ tha pain!)

Us at the Hennessy Artistry board

BuddyJen & I
She called me a b!tch for buying that
dress XD


The peas in the pod
(remember that piccie with just our bob-heads?)

Short Tockytower grabbed his shots as well

Look at silly Yats ruining the piccie

After much mingling and downing those awesome drinks, the show finally began. Brace yourselves, nigga rappers are pretty damn good at what they do, to say the least! It’s all talents from the hood yo

scuba diving in Phuket

What comes to mind when you see nigga rappers in Hip Hop music videos? They always have those chiqos to shake what their momma gave them vigorously all night long

Keep it goin babes!

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Let your hair down, for this is Hennessy Artistry!

And when Young 6ixx made his entrance, he got the crowd going bonkers. His raps were so addictive I tell ya. Especially when he rapped some of those from the Top Billboard Charts

Keep it going peeps! LapSap then took over the stage and spun the decks with their very own blend of house and electro music. Blink and Xu were so exuberant while doing their thang, it was almost impossible not to party along krazy!

Eri, Cindy & I were tearing up the dance floor when they spu

adult smileys

When it’s time to party, more is always the merrier! All of us boogied on down till there’s no tomorrow.

Shuddup and put yo’ money where your mouth is!

When the night continued brimming its pounding vibe, many people were all hyped up as well. Check out the many faces of theirs! e cigarette

Creds 2 Joshua

Kel dearie came for a lil while too. Well, at least she had a few hours of fun (or was it a few minutes? LOL) ! Nevetheless, you made it babe!


We continued chilling by our table with those kick-ass drinks, continued chatting and as you know, bloggers can never take too many photos

I love David’s expressions

Let’s see if we can do them too, Jen?


While we were all enjoying those electro beats amplified in surround sounds, someone else was spotted doing something.

indifferent smileys
Caught red handed?

Buayat at work
(Don’t murder me in my sleep tonight LOL)

When it was all over, some of them headed back home to grab some beauty sleep while the rest of us continued partying even harder at Zouk’s mainroom, next door.

There were altogether 7 of us who stayed till the end and hit the dance floor

Drop it like it’s hawt!

Ren and I

More pictures will be up on my Facebook album soon! Buddies, I know I have some pictures of us that I wanna upload here on my blog too so.. send ’em to me yea 🙂

So dear readers, await, check back this page and be patient.
For there’s more to come!

Spun my head right round right round!

forum smileys