Alrightey! Like I promised in this entry , the 2nd part of my Hard Rock Hotel Penang coverage is now here! In that entry, I only blogged about the exterior of this prestigious rock n’ roll hotel.

So gentlemen (and ladies) ignite your Harley Davidson superbike engines and brace yourself for the interior & the grand entrance of Hard Rock Hotel and Hard Rock Cafe Penang.

The superbike display in the Grand Ballroom

Align Center

Upon driving around the vicinity located in Batu Fehringgi, Penang, it’s hard not to notice the elongated building of Hard Rock Hotel – which, in my opinion, reminds me of a piano keyboard.

A panorama of the keyboard-looking hotel
heh πŸ™‚

Upon taking a closer look upfront, the huge iconic Hard Rock guitar stands prominently in the center of attraction. A pretty good tourist photo spot and perfect for those who fancies pretty backgrounds to camwhore in.


One of the first few people to ecstatically grab a photo with it would obviously be this person below. I don’t know her – do you? πŸ˜› Take a closer look at the guitar statue btw!

Bearing the words of Hard Rock Hotel,
this franchise has already built a brand of its own

Fancy one of the boys from the classic rock n roll band the Beatles, greeting you upon your grand arrival. Which band member is this by the way? I tried Googling him but all of them look the same to me wtf. Someone help!

Hence the caption

So yeah, when your standing right there admiring the bronze statue of all 4 members of the Beatles, something else will be flashing above you in a myriad of colors! Check out their crystal chandelier which changes colors every 10 seconds or so..

Made it into an animation so you catch my drift

Pretty right? I stood there for 5 whole minutes just watching the chromatic beauty of these colors flowing down from their respective crystal ‘pixels’ right to the bottom to what everyone was admiring at the lobby.

Elisa Saw, the Communications Manager & I
Thanks fo the invite!

I especially liked the lobby. They had 100% authentic music oriented merchandise/costumes on a glass display all around. Some from Elton John, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue and the list goes on! Some even from those artistes dating all the waaaaay back to my parents’ era!

<3 the acoustic guitar & rugged green top

and the electric guitar!

Remember in that previous entry about Hard Rock Hotel Penang, I mentioned that the staff greeted all the guests by saying “How May I Rock Your World Today?” instead of the conventional “How May I Help You, Sir?”

So, it’s not surprising if their room check-in counter is actually a bar!

… and bartenders flarring!
(with their mouths wide open)

Unfortunately though, it was full occupancy that entire week, so they couldn’t bring me up to capture the rooms and the suites. Not even a single empty room available for me to shoot! Which is unless, I settle with unkempt bedsheets and clothes (prolly lingerie wtf) strewn all over the room.

By the elevator

So that was the closest I ever got to the rooms. Just outside the elevator. But don’t worry. I’ll be back soon for a stay there! πŸ™‚

Just beside the lobby was Starz Diner. It’s an all day dining restaurant featuring Asian and International Cuisine. It’s 1 of the 5 Food & Beverage outlets of Hard Rock Hotel Penang.


My favorite beyond favorite part of Starz Diner was this :

Their doorknob!
It’s that guitar again πŸ™‚

Anyhoozers, the next thing I did was to explore the Grand Ballroom. I liked how the entire building’s exterior walls were made of glass. Totally reminds me of a greenhouse!


So beautiful that I just had to camwhore with it

But of ALL moments,
I was shot adjusting my hair LOL

My two cents tells me that this hotel is the perfect place to hold your wedding – especially if you’re a rock fan woo hoo! m/


I love how Hard Rock Hotel can be so creative, bold and out from the norms of any other hotel you see out there.

wedding cake!

This is the main table, right below the stage. It was the most elaborately decorated, with the banquet chairs all adorably tied in a bow with the aforementioned iconic guitar pinned to it


and the percussion set right smack in the center of this table!

That’s where mom & dad should sit!
And the rest of your immediate family πŸ™‚

another mini guitar on the guests’ table!
Such an adorable thing!

Ohmy. I sound so excited *deep breath*

Up on the podium/stage, there’s this rostrum which has a guitar on it too! I can almost imagine the pastor/emcee/some-person-whom-my-husband-and-I-hired standing there to give a toast at my wedding! And mom will prolly cry on stage too while making the speech yadda yadda…and… ohmy I think my thoughts spoke too loud.

How may I rock your world today?

I soon exited the Grand Ballroom & decided to head to the infamous Hard Rock Cafe. So far, I’ve only been to HRC KL and HRC Singapore. But in my wardrobe lies HRC tees and memorabilla from Texas and New York!

Yes Ima fan of Hard Rock Cafe.
Sue me.

Randomly, Harley Davidson superbikes has huge side mirrors

I made my way out of Hard Rock Hotel to enter the adjacent Hard Rock Cafe. Guess who I ‘met’ before walking into the cafe?

A white statue.
No it’s not Abrham Lincoln
nor is it Napoleon Bonaparte

It’s none other than the King of Pop!

Michael Jackson
of white gloves & thriller dances

Honestly, don’t ask me what the King of Pop is doing sitting so comfortably at the entrance of a ROCK & ROLL themed hotel. Strange right? Hmmm.. mebbe he’s just a music icon that goes with the flow of all genres no matter what. Heh.

I’d like to see Whacko Jacko at a Jazz festival wtf.

For those of you who have hit Hard Rock Cafe anywhere in the world at all, it’s basically the same rockawesome thing.

Spot Elvis Presley guys!
Do you see him?
(and is that Oprah beside him wtf)

Did I mention that I absolutely adore the mushroom soup in Hard Rock Cafe? Yuppers – never missed it whenever I go there.


Finally, love the Hard Rock tank top! In my favorite colour and design too. Thanks! I had a wonderful time venturing the hotel.

And so should you