For the 3rd year running, many gorgeous young ladies endured training after training for hours on end and finally strutted their stuff on the catwalk yesterday. Each having their mind set on nothing else but to prove themselves worthy to be the face of Estee Lauder.

Let the games begin

It was divided into 2 categories – Category A & Category B.
One being the contestants below 30 and the other above 30 repectively. Why above 30, you ask? The answer is, why not? Beauty transcends at any age, doesn’t it? 🙂


Anyway, thanks to Mei Fong the Senior PR Manager, I made my way into the competition grounds. It was surprisingly held in the middle of a working afternoon day though. Anyway, the first thing I did after shooting some contestants was to give some love and lucks to Beatrice Au, of which was coincidentally mom’s former colleague.

30 and thriving!

Estee Lauder has always been a favorable brand of cosmetics by me. Heck, mom has a collection of it in her dressing table – of which I secretly used to paint my face with when I was a child of 5.

Whoops the secret’s out, but I think you already know who was behind that smashed lipstick and smeared eyeshadow palate of yours right mom?

I personally love their lipglosses
Contestant with that aforementioned lip pump

To me, I second the fact that beauty is only skin deep. But make up can enhance every single part of that skin depth. So why not make it worthwhile while it lasts?

Last year’s winner, Cay, having her make up touched-up

Many local celebs and TV personalities were invited as well. To name a few, Amber and Xandria graced the event among many others.


The committee of Estee Lauder Model Search o9 were a really fun bunch! You can tell by the looks on their faces, no? 🙂


Okay-lah, since everyone is having a go at the photo wall… I think we should jump onto the bandwagon as well.

Photographers Ken & I
(kindly ignore the uglyshortfringe)

LOL this post will only have one photo of me, due to the reason in brackets.


After having their hair and make-up done, it was almost time for the showdown. The dresses and other outfits of the ladies were specially designed by Sonny, the boss of Eclipse boutique.

Emcees Daphne & Naz

Let it roll!

Would you believe me if I told you they’re married with kids?
Pretty stunning for their age, methinks.

Emcee Naz was donning a rather retro suit for this event. Think black and white movies of Charlie Chaplin back in the days.

And trust me, the walking stick is not a prop!
He had some injuries

The catwalk and Q&A session began rather promptly after the 1st introductary walk. Some were nervous and stammered whilst answering, where as the others were pretty darn calm and very eloquent, if I have to say so myself!

and u?
Contestant Mabel having a go

But one answer I especially liked was by Dr. Sharifah. Yes you read right. DOCTOR SHARIFAH. She’s a doctor by profession in the emergency ward.

Seriously, don’t you wish your doctor was this hot?

Guys, get sick more often LOL

3 of 7 from the panel of judges

More Q&A’s ensued as the judges kept vigil towards their communication skills, catwalk, beauty, poise and body shape. I could somewhat see a little scribblings and figures on the score sheets from where I stood but they were too tiny. Anyway, I wouldn’t want any spoilers too 🙂

Contestant Soraya giving her two cents

“Eh, who you think winning ar?”
“Donno lah. Wait la haiyoh”
Who do you think it will be?


Estee Lauder Malaysia Brand Ambassador (Category A)
Jennifer Pedersen
Estee Lauder Malaysia Brand Ambassador (Category B)
Carol Lai

Much love & grats to the both of you!

Before I end, I’d like to vehemently express how exorbitant KLCC’s parking fees can be. RM15 for approximately 4 hours?? It’s not as though my friends and I have never parked at KLCC before but look, is the car park gold studded with diamante walls?

Remind me to catch the LRT next time!

edit :
Estee Lauder Warehouse Sale was such a frenzy! My friend spent RM600 ohmylord