Surprise surprise! My folks from Epo came down for a surprise visit after Goddy returned from her Yogyakarta trip. As mentioned, she went to Yogyakarta or a.k.a JogJa.

That’s where those ancient ruins are located, like Candi Borobudur, Candi Prambanan, the Stupas and the like. Hmm.. this rings a bell! Where the HighSchool History comes kickin’ in =D Remember?

Wow she brought back so many souvenirs from our neighbouring country, Indonesia. Yay Sweetheart & I got a matching JogJa tshirt! Mum got a authentic-looking blouse, Aunt BeeLiew got batik purses, Gramps got a box of DoiDoi (I think it’s some kind of food, if I’m not wrong)

Oh and….

Until kakak put them in the toaster, of course. =(

It became as hard as a cracker and from being the original cuboid shape, it turned into this funny curve shape now. How sad.

Anyway, Kakak was thrilled to know that Goddy went on a trip to her beloved home-land. =) Well kak, I must say that Indonesia is indeed a beautiful country from all those videos Goddy showed us.

Sadly though, we all had to tilt our heads to watch it
as she had forgotten to rotate it the right side up

Well, not only mum & Sweetheart had their heads tilted.

Only the both of us got the floor sitting in this home-cinema. =(

The only reason I can think of is because we’re at the bottom rung of the age hierarchy. Let the elders sit on the couches, no? =)

Floor so what? As long as we get to watch Goddy’s Yogyakarta movies!

Floor creatures.

After all that tilting, our necks seem to have given way
Wow. Mum caught this on camera while we were
watching the videos!
(not bad stealth-mode mum!)

haha. Gentle, boy. Gentle. =)

LOL. After all the diagonal and horizontal viewing, we headed to Secret Recipe for dinner – the right side up!

Here were some of what we had that night-

My faves!

When the meals arrived we were already parched. XD That’s what you get after saving your stomach the whole afternoon. Look at dear ol’ Uncle Mike, taxing Goddy’s meal!

Good things come to those who wait
Patience is a virtue

Laksa!! =D

Overall, the food was yummy.. but sadly, I think there was a tad too much cheese in my Mac&Cheese


Didn’t momma tell us not to play with our food?

Oh, did they? =P

Spookily, I saw this photograph on dad’s table when we got home.

What does it look like?
It somehow reminds me of The Ring
where there’s this immortal being trying to escape from the deserted well

Ugh. Don’t remind me! =D
Have a good ‘cheesy’ night everyone