So yeah, mom recently discharged from the hospital.

For those who are wondering if she had cancer or leukemia, neither! She just had a growth in a particular anatomy which has been causing immense pain to her very regularly.

It was heart-breaking to see her writhe in agony when the pain strikes her. So at one point when she couldn’t take it anymore, she decided to go under the knife for Hysterectomy.

To the lecturers: I’m sorry I skipped class lately. Had lots to settle – family members from outstation, mom’s colleagues and everyone was all over the place. I had to ferry some of them around all day (including mum for routine follow-up check-ups) and buying herbs and medicine for her.

Mom, here’s something just for you when I watched you sleep anticipating your awakening after the operation:

I want to wake up..
To a smile,

A smile that can bring an abundance of love,

A smile that empowers affection like no other,
A smile that brings out the best in me,
A smile that upturns my frown & glistens my eyes..
Your smile.

Upon shifting my glance to catch a glimpse at it,
I am blessed,
Blessed to be embraced by the unspoken words depicted by your smile.

I watch as I reciprocate.

I am moved by the simplicity of a gesture of such,
A gesture that brings back memories that are of remarkable ones,

Splendid? Indeed.

I would rejoice at the sound of your voice,
But all you can offer me on this hospital bed is a smile,
Your smile.

And that outweighs all.

Thankfully, she was wheeled out of the operating theater (still unconscious) very much later, but was on the route to a swell recovery.

With every visit, we had our own share of fun

The mad bunch

Thanks you two, for coming over to extend your love!

When she discharged, a sumptous feast was held at home to celebrate the success!!

Alls well, ends well!

Nice? Nice? Nice?

Yummy, no?

Is it getting hot with all the good food?

Mango! Me likey!

Mom on the other hand, wasn’t permitted BY GRANNY to eat anything which I deem as food. What’s food without chicken, seafood, eggs, curry??

She might as well go the the horses’ stable to eat hay and straw.
XD No diffie.

After filling our tummy, the whole family then chilled at he living room while mom related her experience during her stay at the hospital

Accompanying mom
Get well soon mommy dearest!
Wait till you see what Ben and I got in store for ya tomorrow on Mother’s Day! =D
Praise the Lord that she’s now safe!