Who dare say that fear is NOT a factor? For me, it totally is.

Here are my top 5 fears

1. Carparks
2. Doctors
3. Dentists
4. Injections
5. Wounds/Blood

…and of course, anything that is hideously formed and slimy. Yeah, I had always been intrigued by reptiles but when I saw them recently in Queensbay Mall’s DiGi Roadshow, it made my hair stand on the end.

Check it out peeps :

This poor reptile is probably pregnant with 847895495 baby snakes XD

Such beauty of cold blooded creatures, this time I managed to capture two lil heads peeping out.

It’s just strange how those two can live so harmoniously together all curled up
with another huge lamp post – the brown python

The booth that attracted the most attention was the one which rewards volunteers for munching on their snacks. Sounds great,no? ahh.. there’s a catch to it. Let’s have a look at the variety of snacks provided: (read the yellow labels)

Take your pick, trick or treat?? =D
-click to enlarge-

What about the meet & greet session? Ahh yes, friends of nature now, are we not? *winks* This is…. A Bug’s Life, in Malaysia – Queensbay Mall


Aight, enough with the flirting.

Let’s get down to business. Meet the scorpion, and its crew!

I apologize for the picture.
It was difficult enough to throng through the crowd, let alone to actually take a photograph.

Truth be told, I was too engrossed into the exhibits that I couldn’t be bothered to know what the Roadshow was all about.

My verdict?
It’s a smart tactic to lure the audience towards the roadshow but unfortunately, the exhibits became the center of attention, resulting in the insignificance of the roadshow’s purpose to sell DiGi reload cards.

What a shame. But oh well, you kept us entertained. Thank you DiGi!