Before I rattle on, I declare that I’ve always stood my ground and will still stand firm with my opinion of Jap anime/manga shows or comics. Sorry sweets, but your author here is not an avid fan of anything Jap oriented. (except Jap food though)

Honestly, I don’t get the whole “Mushi-mushi I’m so kawaii nerhx” and neither do I get the damn ‘I-worship-Jap-harajuku-fashion’.


We got out tickets and headed upstairs

Before the movie began, there was a cosplay event going on in e@Curve (formally known as Cineleisure Damansara). I kinda admit, I love dressing up for costume parties so naturally, I was keen to see the cosplayers.

Tiny lil bomb I reckon capable of exploding your grey matter

There were lots of ’em all over the place. Check it out for yourselves

Me flanked by cosplayers

One of my personal fave shots

And I spotted gothic characters, finally… people with this similar interest! The style I’d go with at any costume parties. If you have been following my blog, you’ll notice that I’ve always attened costume parties as a goth-oriented character.

I’ve found my elements

Since I deem sharing is caring, here’s 2 more of them for you to relish. Have a taste of my dark fancies. Don’t know what I mean? Check out [here] and [here] for my goth cosplaying.

Simply beautiful, it’s so sinister!

Here’s the both of them. Hmm… interesting. I’d consider cosplaying with them if there were to be a chance!

There were Kenny Rogers’ muffins and Starbucks coffee served to all of us. It was all on the house!


That Chinese zombie above was such a good actor as well. He kept hopping around to strangle us one by one.

Yipes. Strangely, why are images of gnarly murders planted in my mind now? I guess it’s due to all those ancient Chinese horror dramas my gramps used to watch back in the days.

More creepy images I’d conjure for you

LOL @ the photograph below. Zombies can eat donuts too ya’know.

But then again, it may be a donut made with human flesh

Some creatures actually feast among themselves. Talk about cannibalism yo!

Before we knew it, it was time to enter the theaters already. The amount of people jostling around, elbow-to-elbow shoulder-to-shoulder and I don’t wanna know which other anatomy was brushing against one another omfg, all just to secure a good seat inside.

Sardine packed; with not sardines but homosapiens.

The crowd went on crack when Animax goodie bags were being distributed. heh. Hate to admit, but I was among those greedy pigs wanting more freebies

I spotted some narcissism in action. Oh my goodness! 🙂

Camwhore busted!

The lead actress was really pretty though, she’s the kind of chick that can show the men that testosterone ain’t the only thing needed for some treacherous wrath. I love ladies who possess kick-ass attitude yet carry themselves femininely well.

The movie was pretty fine, except the part where the animation sucked worse than a degrading TV show scraped off RTM. The graphics were just downright awful. At the part where Saya was battling the vampies, it looked all so digitalized that I felt that I was watching some thing off some CGI – Computer Generated Imagery.

It was highly unnatural. Heck, you don’t see squarish blood dripping off a victim in real life do you? Neither do you see digitally accelerated movements when they run

After the movie, Ken decided that he wanted to be a vamp too

I took a candid of Joshua and decided to make something silly outta it.

After the premier, we all headed down to hangout with a warm cuppa from Starbucks. Okay fine, I had a warm cuppa. The others had ice blended stuff.

Jackie took this very candid photo of Nigel and I below. LOL both of us were talking and we obviously were unprepared for the shot.

Anyhoos, I’d say that Blood : The Last Vampire isn’t a movie that I’d pay to watch. Not ever. Nadda.

Enjoy the rest of the day, dear readers!