What could be more confusing than the likes of Algebra & Quadratic Functions? Not that they’re difficult or anything, but just well.. complicated & dry for some.

But wait..

This was taken in the computer lab in my campus. Hmm.. check it out:

He sat, alternating between many different positions of comfortability but alas, never found one that aided him as he was deep in thought….

Numerics never interested me; Statistics, Indexes and such bore me to tears.

I overheard dear Michael mumbling something which sounded like numbers. The moment I peered at the screen, it was a turn-off.

the horror of…


It was Mike’s first attempt at Sudoku. *cheers* Despite not staying till he finished his puzzle, I do hope he managed to complete it succesfully. =)

Pardon me, for those who are Sudoku fanatics. Although I certainly do respect Sudoku as a mind-boggling game that challenges the power of though, i never once intended to finish a Sudoku puzzle.

Maybe ‘cos I’ve never tried

Hit me with a tic-tac-toe instead