Woots! Happy 1st birthday to Clive!
For those not in the know, Clive is a Lifestyle Men’s magazine packed full of yummy goodness; perfect for every man’s reading pleasure. Sponsored by Guinness, they chose Zouk’s mainroom as their den to party the night away.

Thanks to Randi the Account Manager of Clive, I was invited to attend their bash. Gracias babe!

Yay I like this angle

Lots of people were already thronging the entrance by 9pm, and I saved time off Josh from waiting for hours on end by passing him another VIP ticket at the entrance. Muahaha. Oh and randomly, I love the flare of the spotlight behind us.

Met up Griza & Tian Chad somewhere inside

Inside, it was waaay better than packed sardines – it was packed with urban party people! I made a beeline to the stage to get a better view.


This is 1 outta 5 of the finalists for Clive’s Ventures Out Race. Think Amazing Race ala Clive! Congratulations, I bet the entire journey was an adventure!


But unfortunately the winner of this challenge, Eric, was unable to attend this party. So he recorded a “grammy” video for all of us to watch via the Samsung LCD screens
. Pretty ingenious ey

Grats dude!

A treasure hunt game was then in motion whereby the guests are supposed to hunt around for colorful cards to win themselves freebies and money-can’t-buy tickets to catch Arthur’s Day with the Black Eyed Peas. How can generous can one get? Now, that’s what I call rad.


It’s time to make way for more snazzy action! Emceed by both Mix.FM radio announcers wacky Pietro and the lovely Jay Menon, they made the condom-banana game and the sticky-tape game come to life.

Let’s take a look at how to wear a condom, shall we?


A group of dudes were chosen from the crowd to partner with a bevy of beauties, which happen to be Clive Mag’s covergirls and other TV personalities.


Pietro being extremely suggestive in his jokes as usual made it sound extremely naughty and brought us to suspense as to what game was in store for them.


When the girls heard it they were freaking out! But they competed well against each other. C’mon babes, show ’em men what we’re made of


The ladies were all supposed to pick a partner and wear condoms onto the bunch of bananas hung around the mens’ necks. The pair who could do it in the fastest time was declared the winner.

And you won!
Whooo fast fingers eyy babe?


Next, was the sticky-tape game. Pietro stuck duct-tapes onto the male volunteers and all their partners has got to do was to remove it off them. Pretty simple aye? But wait – there’s a catch! The ladies were only supposed to use their mouths.


Once the catch was announced, it was apparent that men and women will always be different in a certain manner. Check out the expressions I shot below –

Male – oohhyeahhh babeh, bring it on!
Female – WTF? Ewww.. gross!

Anyhoos, regardless of whatever they had in mind, they had to do it anyway LOL but they enjoyed it all the same with all the coy smiles and laughter on their faces.

The party ensued with lucky draws with the Grand Prize being a 3 days 2 nites stay at the Berjaya Tioman Resort. There were much hollas of joy in the house as more and more people bagged their freebies!


The lady above was over the moon when she walked away with a new Sony Ericsson cellphone. Sigh – some people get all the luck don’t they? ROAR.


After all the winnings and crazy cheers, the stage entertainment was coming to an end. Now, it’s up to you to take the party to full swing. DJs pumped up the volume and now, it’s only you, the dance floor and the whole party to enjoy all night long


Once again, Happy Anniversary to Clive and their team! Good Job! Oh and.. psst- I had extra stickers on me. Because I’m happy like that. Thanks Clive!


and *COUGH*
this is how you wear a condom

no way, I’m kidding aren’t i?