When it’s time for lunch – ya either come to the age old question,

“What to eat ah? You decide lah”

and 15 whole minutes (if not more) will be spent throwing that question back and forth to each other and eventually coming to a decision.

But thanks to Shirley Soo, the Deputy President of the Malaysian Association of Professional Secretaries & Administrators (MAPSA), I was extended an invitation to join a Power Lunch session at Hilton PJ.

Thanks Shirley!

Just a lil introduction, MAPSA was established in 1968, previously known as Secretaries’ Society Malaysia (SSM) & is a member of the Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals, Asia Pacific (ASAAP) which includes members from Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Pakistan, Japan, Sri Lanka, Brunei, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Bangladesh. Now that’s international, yo!

Emcee Yeung Hua

I noticed that the attendees of this Power Lunch were all members of the corporate ladder. This includes personal assistants, executive secretaries, administrators and office managers of large Multi National Corporations (MNC) from Public Bank, Motorola, International School KL (ISKL) together with their bosses.

Hey it is a Bosses Day lunch session after all!
Appreciating all the bosses around the world

John Smurthwaite, Boss of the Year for the new millenium
Congrats yo 🙂

The President of MAPSA : Melissa Ong, then gave her welcoming speech to us all and I listened attentively, taking in as much information as I can. She was a rather friendly and warm person, extending such hospitality to all the guests present.

Woots! 🙂

We had a brief sharing session by Martin Tan, the Market Development Manager from Hewlerd-Packard (HP) as he taught us the difference between ink jet and laser printers. Prior to this session, I had no clue what the exact differences are – except that one is.. faster? LOL

He also introduced us the latest model of HP printers

Which is standing proudly atop this round table, one of the Officejet Pro products! It is eco-friendly, with ink particles that does not pose a threat to our respiratory system in the long run. Pretty nifty, and prints really smooth and quiet too.

Offices keen on purchasing an all-in-one printer should totally get this!
It prints, photocopies, scans, faxes and do your dishes for you

Heh. I was kidding about the last part! 🙂

Lunch soon ensued, and we were served a 6 course variety of Chinese dishes




Whilst lunch was served and more mingling was rapidly ongoing at all tables, we were also entertained by a exotic fusion dance by the students of Adithya Tamil School. They concocted a rather dope combination of Bollywood and Modern dances! 🙂

‘Crank That’ by Soulja Boy
remixed with traditional Indian songs.

We were clapping so loudly and had our eyes fixated to the stage almost until it slipped our mind to continue our Power Lunch!


The finale came and goshhh we were astonished by the enormous portion of the Hong Kong style fried rice which was served! Ohmy. Even the guys at my table raised their eyebrows

Pictures never do things justice – my aforementioned description
of ‘enormous portion’ would pass off as hyperbolic
but ya gotta see it for real to believe me!


At the end of the lunch, we were all fully satiated
and rubbing our bellies with glee.

A very good effort by MAPSA to tighten the bond between bosses and their secretaries/PAs/assistants alike!

Don’t you agree, ladies? 🙂

Seated opposite me were these 3 ladies above, Ching Ai from Public Bank, Liane Lim from AIA and Daisy Fernandez from Salcon Engineering Bhd.

And these gentlemen
Martin Tan from HP and Gary Boon

Great to have shared this lunch session with you folks! Oh and all secretaries around the world including non-MAPSA members are most welcome to join their next session too 🙂


The afternoon ended with a lucky draw session and almost everyone went home with something to gloat about. Thanks to the sponsors of this event, no one went home empty handed. But the highlight of the lucky draw was this :

A whole box of assorted baoz from Mr.Baoz!

Lady Luck must’ve been on TC Mok’s side as this Business Development Consultant for United BC Team Pvt. Ltd went home proudly with that box!

Now you didn’t just have a Power Lunch
– but a Power Tea Time & Supper too!

Check out the sponsors! There are so many of them lending their support and love in making this Power Lunch session a successful one 🙂


Martin & I kinda blocked one of the sponsors
so Shirley was kind enough to send me a photo
which I’ve put below

Speaking of which, none of this would also have happened if not for our venue sponsors, the Hilton Hotel in Petaling Jaya.

Thanks for the lovely afternoon!
It totally fuelled up my day.. power lunch
ma 🙂