All I thought of the incandescent yellow van by the roadside was well, nuthin’ but an ordinary burger stall. But, what could explain the flock of people surrounding it in SS15? There’s gotta be something beyond that thought.

What could it possibly be?

And here I stand, to find out.
What makes it THIS yummy?

Good grief, the orgasmic pleasure of the burger

Zoey and I watched, as they began from scratch. Slicing the burger, frying the patties, did some mumbo jumbo with the egg, threw in those veggies …

Generously spreading the black pepper chicken sauce and button mushrooms all over the insides…

It’s so good that friendship is sacrificed for utter greed. What ever happened to sharing is caring? Poor Tocky.
By the time he hung up on his cellphone, half his burger had dissapeared into the stomachs of Rebecca and Jeff

And there was nothing he could do about it

Owells, there’s plenty enough to go around! For the whole motley crew, that is. We prolly sky-rocketed their business for the night a lil bit. But hey, for a famous burger store that existed since 1997, I’m pretty convinced they didn’t need our help for extra profit.

More tummies to fill!

It’s damn good.
You can tell, can’t you?

Nom Nom Nom

“I better finish it before anyone takes a bite”

Not just humans enjoy the stuff from this big yellow van of joy. Our lil feline friend here seem to enjoy a sip or two of the …. er…. washing tub.

Don’t ask me why I had a black cat tattooed on.
By now, my love for cats should be apparent.

Some happy and contented faces (of which I presume has been under the influence of not alcohol, but delightful mushroom burgers). Happy tummies yo!

Jen and I trying were to take a decent camwhore picture but.. but…

Amuse yourself with the fairly odd person in the background

Hmm.. coast is clear!

Good food has to come with good customer service to wrap up a good experience and a review. This big yellow burger van certainly proved its worth.

Thumbs up to the chef & crew!

You’ll be sure as hell to see us for round #2, #3, #4, #5 and so on. Oh and, they close at 4.30am. *ponders* Hmm.. now I know where to head down for supper after a night out at MOS Euphoria. Mental note successful!


okay just mushroom burgers

Had a jolly good shroom time with ya peeps!