After many years since the last visit, Uncle Tenny came back from the U.S – this time, without his children. I could vividly remember what it was like when his kids & I were still little. It was like the clash of the titans!!

The feelings were mutual, I could not stand the living daylights of them and neither could they. I used to disfavor their mum too.

She’s a Puerto Rican lady f.y.i

So yeah, I picked up a word or two from Yo Soy Betty La Fea and boasted what little I know of the Spanish language. Pretty lame, but oh well, I was I kid. So, you get the drill =) To think of it now, they’ve grown up to be such adorable toddlers and I’ve grown to be a young lady.

So how could we still plausibly harbour ill-feelings towards each other? We’d better not. Look how the aura of childhood innocence shines in them

That’s Sofia. She’s the youngest one and *shh* the one i adore the most. Elizabeth is pretty darn bossy and arrogant.

As expected, when relatives comes back from abroad, gifts from abroad will follow suit. There was much unpacking and unloading all morning. Mum received a portable DVD player and I got a new webcam!! Woots! Video call me anytime, pals! *winks*

Haha. Can TUNA-MAYO with anyone online Vinz!
(inside joke. Don’t ask 0.O)

More souvenirs ensued and yeah check em out:

Even an Indiana Jones whip. God knows what he bought them for and for who in particular. Uh-oh. It better not be for dad.. or I’m so screwed. =)

Ps- The KitKats better be for me.