Sorry been not updating for the past 3 days! Was awfully busy with the packing, unpacking & shifting into the new condo. If you’ve read my tweets you’d already know beforehand that I’m moving!

Anyhoozers, I attended an event recently by the Asian Food Channel (AFC) which features the award winning chef, Daniel Boulud. The event was aptly named

‘Daniel Boulud : One Night in Singapore’


We were given a special preview of the programme, which will premier on Tuesday 29th September 2009. Trust me, the show was exciting yet gives such a great insight on what that French Chef-Owner goes through buzzing about in his life.

Let’s take a look at the man himself.


From picking fresh ingredients all the way from its original habitat all the way to hustling and bustling about in the kitchen and even coaching his chef-students!


Before the show began however, I was intrigued by the settings of Neo Global Tapas & Luxe Lounge, atop Tamarind Hill. It totally gave me the feel of a pan-asian locality, some parts of it even reminded me of Siam!


Give me one darn good reason why I shouldn’t come back here for a delightful date atop a hill! I’d like to walk up to an appetite of fusion & international delights πŸ™‚


However, this awesome-possum place was previously located in Ampang. It recently relocated and refurbished itself to what you see today and even hosted us during this AFC event.

About to climb to the top!
Finally got there!

Just as I was about to step inside, I couldn’t help but to shoot this tiny flame right above the makeshift pond. Really pretty!

There were 2 of them

Once I got in, the 1st thing that greeted me were the warm people from Alice George Comm. The staff from Neo served us guests a choice of Tamarind & Lemon Grass. I had 4 glasses of the latter! It was really a flavourful zing in that glass, I must say.

Met some familiar faces and proceeded to the al-fresco dining area where we were all mingling about with some appetizers right before the show began.





We were then served our appetizers. Didn’t know what the 2nd appetizer was called but I fancied that the most!

V-Neck waiter with the whatchamacallit

The whatchamacallit

Hian Goh, then came towards us – he’s the Managing Director of the Asian Food Channel, the 1st and only pan-regional 24 hour food TV channel in Asia. A really down to earth & friendly guy, methinks! πŸ™‚

Oh and, he has an ‘angle’ while taking piccies too
(inside joke)

I then walked about to do some lil exploring on my own


Peeked at the chefs busy preparing our dinner

Before we knew it, it was time for the documentary to begin! We were seated down inside sans the popcorn to watch the 60 minute programme. He has cooked for President Obama, Kanye West, Jay-Z and so on πŸ™‚

See it to feel it yourself on the AFC
Fellow foodies and aspiring chefs would take a liking – I bet!

What else can I say? I loved it. It was full of suspense, dramatic and in-depth of the things that goes behind those kitchen doors to present us dish after dish of sumptous meals, of those we have in prestigious hotels.

Our dinners were inspired by Daniel Boulud’s recipies!
Let’s grab a bite

Tuna Belly with veggies πŸ™‚
Omg! The otoro was really strong with flavour

Loved the tender beef & those mad huge scallops

Dessert to end the day
You’ll never go wrong w chocs & strawberries

We left when night fell – see how picturesque Neo, Tamarind Hill looks after the sun has set! Imma get my arse back here in no time. You betcha!


Remember to catch Daniel Boulud on the AFC!