Ah well well well… I’ve been busy lately, especially because someone decided to fly down from Singapore to spend the weekend with me. Two’s always a company, whee!


Hmm.. Honestly, I actually thought I was gonna spend Valentines alone this year. Well maybe spending it at work covering the Valentines event and getting myself all emo watching all the lovebirds *cries*

Yeah well as staff of the event, we had to wear headgears and glowstick rings.

Your official Valentines’ Traffic Light Party Event photographer

So yeah, I did go to work as I had expected.
But instead of being alone, I had a date to go with! ^_^

Ducclebears Josh accompanied me at work (and helped me with my camera bag) and we partied along in both Mois and Dream in Autocity.

It was great to have good and warm company for Lunch too. We went for Japanese Buffet at Tao Japanese Restaurant and were stuffed to brim. Aacckk.


Woooooo sue me. Ima sweet-tooth!
Chocs, ice-cream & dessert and I get along very well *winks*


Oh, before I forget,
who could say no to huge juicy scallops?

I can’t.
He can’t.
Neither of the people I know, can either

This buffet is certainly one to applaud for; worth the money,
worth the quality,
worth the portion
and worth the ambience!
Yes I know I look friggin’ puffy in this picture, God-noes-why

Dinner too, was awesome! It was the highlight of the weekend. We went to the Revolving Restaurant at Bayview Hotel and trust me, it was absolutely lovely.


As the name depicts, it revolves 360degrees around in a circle and shared the beautifully lit city skyline with us. The ambience was dim yet classy, which complimented the live music being played and aptly planned interior decor.

As mentioned per se


Aww.. that’s me.
LiL Miss Cancerian

Okfine, that wasn’t me as in ME. So here I am!

Yes, I wore this smile all evening

Guys will be guys in every way, they just love pulling goofy faces instead of smiling for the camera. Look at this silly unknown species –

Yes, let there be light.
Fascinated, much?

But you know what? Girls ain’t just sugar, spice and everything nice. We have the unforseen ability pull goofy faces too. As my bestie says, I suck at making stupid faces.

Ahh but what the heck right? I’ll just pull it anyway :

Yes, my face is melting and succumbing to heat
from the potential energy of the candle



He then proceeded to dedicate a classic love song by Shania Twain – From This Moment On, to me. I was astonished when I heard my name and dedication,

“From this moment
Life has begun
From this moment
I know you’re the one

Right beside you
Is where I belong
From this moment on

I give my hand to you with all my heart
I can’t wait to live my life with you
I can’t wait to start”

Very touching indeed.. he looked into my eyes and held my hand throughout the whole song. Sincerity at its finest.

Thank you for being sucha sweetheart.

Very much later, he pulled out something that looked like a box
and surprised me with this:

My first diamond necklace!
I know, I was mute for 15 seconds the moment I opened my eyes.
Sorry sorry sorry! >_<

When I regained sanity, it dawned upon me that I wasn’t dreaming and began to admire it a little closer. Love its simple yet elegant design, and I also noticed that its a two-in-one.

It can be worn together, or separated too!

Apart from all the glitzy frills, simple hangouts will always make its way to my good books. Sunset Bistro along the beach was one of the places we hung out.


Fancy some Tequila Sunrise?

Or some Margarita?

Or… some Java Chip from Starbucks?

We hung out in gurney as well

As Valentines will always be spent with loved ones, that definitely includes friends and family too.

My buddies, Jasmine & Minny and I.

Oh! And I was surprised again. He left me all alone by myself for a while and returned with a stalk of a single red rose~

Awww thankies~

What about the Fockers? They too, came down all the way to Penang to spend some time with us. We had a scrumptious home-made steamboat right at the comfort of our dining room.


-Blood is thicker than water-


The Focker Family’s dining
All in all, it was very new yet fun experience
spending Valentines with you, but wonderful nonetheless.

It was really sweet for jet-setting all the the way to Penang for me.

Thank You for a
memorable, sweet and wonderful weekend!