I hate him.
And if he reads this, I don’t give a rat’s ass.
(he won’t read it anyway, he doesn’t read blogs)
I’m merely stating how I feel since this is my blog,
I don’t wanna hide it for I can’t express it anywhere else

I can’t stand the living daylight of you and
I never had from the day I met you.

I know it’s unfair to hold such abhorrence against him.
It’s filled with vehemence and yet I don’t understand why.
It’s a jumbled up cohesion of what you have done, are doing and is yet to do.

But then again, I don’t need to justify why I detest you.

Just go away
. And stop coming into the picture all the time.
You’re an interference.
the interruption

Just leave. And keep your matters to yourself.
You’re the issue.
my predicament

I despise you.
..always had =(

I couldn’t have ever wrote this clearer enough.
you know, seriously. I’m so fed up and I can’t be bothered anymore.
It’s brimming inside me… so much to say but all bottled up

and if you think you know who it is, then that’s only what you think
I did not mention any names.

gosh. that felt so much better.