I’m glad I stayed back for our anniversary eve!

Well, as expected.. it was fun. Spent time in the kitchen while stealing a kiss or two. Hey, it was fun watching Mr. Chef do all the work! *ahhem* I peeled A POTATO.. yes, A POTATO. Singular noun. Hmm.. what else did I do>? Oh yeah, folded aluminium foil and.. erm… stirred the mixture here and there for no good reason. *lol* I must admit, he puts me to shame when it comes to cooking! But, I certainly have my OWN qualities too… that he falls short of as well. =P

Spent time with the kids (his cousin & sis) as I got too bored of being the good-for-nothing-when-it-comes-to-cooking bystander in the kitchen. Heck, I realised that ever since I’ve learnt Physics, I seem to be better in that PickUp-Stix game. Had fun playing with stickers that I gave Rach, and haha being so very me… I stuck some stickers in my babyboy’s room. Haha.. 1 on the computer seat, 1 on his closet, and an extremely huge and awful-looking one on his window pane! Oo0o0 and wait…!!!! Did I mention that his grandpappy was hot? Yes, he is…. rewinded to 50years in time. Oh goodness… I’m plain deluded. That’s my boyfriend’s 75year-old grandfather! What am I going to oggle over next? His pet chameleon?
The verdict>? His Alfredo Spirali was yummy! As always darling, you rock! and Anniversary Sunday’s Chicken Al-Pussin (whatever the spelling is) was sinfully delicious! Blimey! If I had to go through this every day, I’ll be 5times my weight by 30! =0 and that’s not very nice… What’s nice is, we spent time cuddling the evening away. *grins* Mom came to pick me up soon after… Baby, just want to thank you for the wonderful anniversary! Love ya!

Black Monday started at 10am for me… *yawn* Wasted lots of time walking around aimlessly and napping away. Had the adreanalin going for an hour just before dolling up to go shopping! *winks* As usual, I can never leave a mall without a purchase… being the shopaholic I am. So, I returned with a pair of white heels from Carlo Rino! I fell totally in love with the shoebox. Simply beautiful… Will insert the piccie soon! Met the psychopath from my school there. The one that ran away from home and later got splashed all over the dailies? Yeah that kid.

So today came today.. drinking canned Milo now. I’m so proud of myself! Not for drinking that God-forsaken Milo, but for cleaning up Furby’s cage after a bloody long time. Actually, I do know exactly how long but if I were to mention it here on public entertainment, your mouth would probably expand to the size of your computer screen and your jaw would be dislocated prior to that. Don’t blame me! Right now, weather’s clear.. showers expected soon, as I stink of hamster dung. *lol* Yeah.. my showers. Situation? Kakak’s jabbering on the phone now, probably to mum.. oh yes, it is mum. Kakak’s doing what she does best, whine. Now, she’s whining about how burnt her fishes are, due to the never-ending rings of the house telephone. The last time, it was about me taking candid shots of her when she was snoozing on the couch. The previous one was about how Furby’s cage started to emit obnoxious fumes. And the week before, it was about how I put a
stic beetle under her kettle. You get what I mean now? It just goes on and on. Fancy how I managed to survive under her armpits for 15years. I love her all the same. You rule, woman!
No wait.. I’m the boss around here. =P This is her, the woman that rocks the household! Even the picture itself shows her whining.. muahahaha

Alrightey then, time to exasperate her again. It’s rather quiet without her whining her head off actually.