Ever experienced a point in your life when you’re at your ugliest and when you’re the most helpless? Yeah, try now.

My Friday night wasn’t like any other Friday nights. I felt chilly and uncomfortable; somehow I just realised that something uncanny was bound to happen to me. Soon, I was down with a fever and Benj had to wrap me up tightly in my comforter so that I could sweat it all out.

tthough it may seem traditionally ridiculous to “sweat” out a fever, it has been proven to be ludicrously true. I was down with fever two months ago, but I still hit the beach! As it was a sweltering whether, I ended up sweating profusely. I thought that I probably had made my fever worse but I was as fit as a fiddle immediately after we left the scorching beach. Like, wow, right? Hmm… sometimes, old wives’ tales are told for a reason – there must be some truth in them in some weird way or another

Blame me, but it was my insane urges for ‘ikan bakar’ and premium chocolate that induced me to consume an unbelievably substantial amount, already considering my ill condition. Call me mad. Yes, please do.


I went home feeling cold (it’s coming!) and gracious me, I felt awkward and terribly under the whether upon reaching. It just wasn’t ordinary and later, a high fever followed through. Hey, I’m rather confident that my migraines can split the tectonic plates within the earth’s crust! =P Anyway, I’m grateful to you sweetheart, for coming in every other hour to check on me. Even if I was deep in slumber, I was conscious each time you stroked my hair and kissed me on the forehead. It’s your loving gestures that keep me strong dear.


The morning after, I contracted chicken-pox. See? I just knew that something was amiss.


 It was very upsetting by merely imagining that my 3week holiday WON’T be a holiday after all but more of an isolation period of being quarantined. What also disappointed me is my plausible resemblance to a hybrid between a goblin and a gremlin. Dang! I don’t wanna look that hideous! The thought is simply unbearable.

It’s these moments that makes me feel dreadfully ugly and repugnant to one’s eye.

That’s me at my ugliest point —->    


 But above all, this also means that I have to steer clear away from my very own boyf! He’s going to begin his internship next week; I can’t afford spreading it to him for it will cause him to be ill, thus jeopardizing his performance! And I won’t let that happen to you dear.


Funny how you will only know who your true friends or loved ones are when you are in a dire state. My family has been treating me like royalty till I feel so bad =(