Hello there my quaint little island, the blogpost is finally here! Sorry I took a while. 

I may be late, but I certainly would not let a party as big as this slip away from my blog line up.




TheJessicat wears: Red-Black Toga Dress by S.U.B | 

Black Studded Bag by GUESS | Red Stilettos by Payless Shoes


Do you know which party I'm talking about?



The glorious Hennessy VSOP bottle & I, flanked by two lovely usherettes


This entry is a sequel to both my posts here and here

When I heard that the first of the Hennessy Artistry trilogy series of parties was set to rock Penang island, I was not only proud of my little island, but also excited that a party of such a scale was to be celebrated on the grounds I call home 


Arriving at the foyer. I was taught to make my own Hennessy cocktail! 

One of the usherettes (who happens to be a friend of mine) Jenny, showed me what to do


I was astonished to how Hennessy completely revamped Straits Quay Convention Center!

That very night itself, SQCC turned into a huge party arena hosting more than 2000 guests, complete with an all-new Hennessy Art of Mixing Zone, signature Hennessy VSOP long drinks and of course, the trademark Hennessy Artistry party atmosphere.


The classy lounge-foyer area for guests to sit, chat, drink and chill

before getting sloshed at the battlefield of a party zone 


Pam, Jessmine & I at the Hennessy lounge ;)


My homies and I catching up over a few drinks that we were taught to make :D



Samantha & I


Guests could have their photo taken at a very interactive photo booth where several cameras placed all around the raised platform woulsimultaneously capture photos to achieve a 360 degree photo effect. 


The girls and I atop the panoramic Hennessy 360 camera platform!


Really cool photo sequence, if I do say so myself! 

Soon after, I made my way inside the party-zone


Spotted glasses and glasses of Hennessy on the counter all lined up in such a neat manner!


Got into my zone. The 'S' Zone also known as the VIP, bloggers & media zone


Our table was given a Hennessy VSOP bottle of our own with plenty of mixers to go around!

Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Ginger, Hennessy Soda & Hennessy Berry. Your pick? 🙂


Thank you Paul for a lovely photo! 


with the girls 


with the boys 


When I got in, the first act of the night was already warming up the party scene.

Spin master DJ Ramsey Westwood (a friend of mine!) began the hype by dropping his set of progressive house & electro 


Drop 'em sick beats like you always do, Rams!


Whoooop whoooop! 


It was no wonder he bagged champion at the ASTRO Hitz Spinmaster Season 2.

As the music kept pumping and dropping at all the right places, we guests fed off the energy and made it our own!



Emcees of the night from MTV VJ Rich & VJ Holly Grabarek kept us on our feet & welcomed the next act on stage



Here are some party pictures!


Same high school back then; at the same party right now! :D


Collegemate Mikey and I :D


BFF Joyce and I  We go a long way back!


The view from the back of the crowd


Before we knew it, the next act joined DJ Ramsey Westwood up on stage! 

As two is always better the one, both of them performed a stellar collabo act of beats and vocals!

Local songbird & 'One in a Million' winner Suki Low ripped the crowd apart with her powerful vocal chords

while DJ Ramsey spun David Guetta's Titanium feat. Sia


I am Titaaaaaaniiiiummmmm!!!!



She then continued with chart-topping popular hits from Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and even classic numbers by soul diva Whitney Houston! Suki hit all the notes – especially the high ones! – perfectly, it was mind-blowing.


She's on the edge of glory, you bet! ;)


A crew of dancers then joined her onstage and Suki also busted some dance moves in unison.


Such an electrifiying performance!


Her act stole the limelight for that moment and drew a heavy applause from the floor


We loved her and even sang along with her as she belted out the songs we knew of  :D

More party pictures?


We. are. Penang cha bohs! :D


MORE Penang kias!


Yup, believe it or not we were all from the same primary & high school buildings playing tag & hopskotch in our school uniforms a decade ago

And now we're all dolled up at the same party listening to the same music & drinking the same drinks.



This is why I love parties. You not only get to meet new people but also rekindle with old/long-lost friends!

For that I'd like to thank Hennessy, for making this happen :D


The third act of the night made their way upstage after Suki finished her show


It was none other than Asian Kings of the Mandopop scene – Lollipop F

The appearance of this dance quartet led to screaming female fans from all corners of the party to the utmost front as much their zone-barricades could allow them.


Another one-night-only collaboration was born! 

DJ Ramsey X Lollipop F


With their very tight choreography, they certainly stole the show!


They even incorporated stunts, breakdancing & other daredevil acts too!


I was so impressed and held my breath for fear that he was going to topple over! *gasp*

He defied gravity as he went lower and lower and lower OMG


Lead singer of Lollipop F – Owodog belting out their popular songs


Coming from someone who doesn't listen to chinese songs at all, I was actually in awe at how energetic, charming and appealing their performance were. Good vocals, good looks, good dance routines, good stunts, good body unique fashion style – name it, and they have it all 

No wonder many girls were hyperventilating throughout their show :P


More party pictures!


Ash and I :D


Vivian & I 


Perk & I :D


Alex & I :D


Take one!


Take two!


The emcees came back onstage to have a toast with us – TO HENNESSY VSOP! 

Soon after, they welcomed the next act.


Guess who the next act of the night will be?


It's the grammy-award nominated British Trance/Progressive music producer/DJ….

*drumroll* Andy Moor!


His set and remixes sounded amazing and even more so, reverberating from the state-of-the-art sound system!


He shot the crowd to a sonic mayhem


You can bet your bottom dollar I went absolutely beserk headbanging & jumping around during his set


Photos never lie, huh? 


Andy had the beat to move our feet & the bass to melt our face! 


Make way for more party pictures!


Can't get enough of Penang peeps yet?


Here's more Penang peeps for you :D


A party would never be complete without both my very special girl friends with me 

For long time readers, you would already recognize them from all the photos:


Bestie Joyce!


Bestie Pam!


The night was still young, but it was plain to see that the thousands of partygoers wanted more.

We were more than ready to get our groove on to the final act of the night – Ernest C!


This cutting-edge house and electro maestro made us jump to our feet again!


He even dropped those wicked 

dubstep booms from Skrillex and Porter Robinson!


Final batch of party pictures!



Thank you Hennessy Malaysia for an epic one-night-only weekend and an amazing time!

Bringing a stellar line-up for us, both international & local, serving us free-flow of delicious Hennessy shots & cocktails and a fun-loving, marvellous party experience, we owe it all to you. Looking forward to more of Hennessy Artistry! :D


Did you know that the next instalment of Hennessy Artistry series of trilogy parties is underway?

Yup, mark your calenders for next Saturday, 8th August 2012! 

More info in the next blogpost