Hi everyone!!! Yes. I’m still alive and kicking LOL.

So excited to be back after approximately two weeks of absence from the blog. Hope all of you are doing great!



Missed me? I don’t think so, as there was a hive of activity all over my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

So you probably already know by now, that I’ve involved myself in a pageant. Not just ANY beauty pageant, but one that would represent Hard Rock Hotel in Penang.



Yup, it’s the Miss Hard Rock Penang 2013 pageant.

Don’t ask me why, don’t ask me how. I was never one to be fond of the beauty pageant industry nor have I dabbled in modeling gigs of any sort. This entire thing was my first.

More about my entire experience in this pageant dedicated to a full blog post soon!


For now, let do some catching up! Hope your past two weeks was just as fun as mine was for me.

Let’s make this a quick one and a summary of the entire fortnight into one mega blog post eh?



 Lunch meet up and coffee hangouts with my girl, Sarah, one afternoon


 We compared Starbucks membership cards.

Mine’s the Christmas one while hers is the Chinese New Year one!


Took popular French car, the Citroen DS4, for a test-drive.

Revved it up pedal to the floor, spun around corners and manoeuvred this baby on the winding slopes!
The CitroenDS4’s handling and its raised suspension was fabulous, but what I really loved about it was its powerful turbo-charge, the panoramic windscreen and its impressive torque!

P/S: It has two hidden doors for that extra wow factor 😉


Whilst at the Citroen showroom in Glenmarie, I had some coffee from the Nespresso coffee capsule machine


Using this machine actually makes me giggle. A funny/tragic incident happened involving a similar coffee capsule machine two winters ago in Australia atop Mount Buller. Long story short, it was the first time Kon and I had ever seen or used a machine like this.

And we ended up breaking it (I think), spilling everything and coffee powder exploded everywhere. Whoops. This didn’t come from me.

Damn. Now I’ve made us sound like neantherthals. Don’t judge.


Sent my baby to his official service center to get him all checked-up and yes… his first service is due!

I’d like to recommend this Ford Service Center next to the LDP, off Jalan Damansara.

The waiting line is short, the service was efficient and the personnel were mighty friendly & helpful!

(It shares the same building asVolkswagen, thus their signages can be seen next to each other)


Wore my new dress from H&M. Yes, the one that was on a massive discount – only RM15 I kid you not!

The front looks a little grandmother-ish (maybe because I’m not too used to such conservative looking dresses yet)

but check out the back, baybeh!! Oh yeaaaa. That’s what I’m talking about. Me likes!


One of the many, many reasons why I love working at Kraken.

It somehow seems to be someone’s birthday every other day! Birthday cakes galore! Yay! 😛

Gawd, I’m such a fatty.


The rest of my week was spent hammering it in the gym again.

Yeah I don’t have a life. Sleep. Eat. Work. Lift. and the cycle repeats.

Okay I lied. I attend a lot of parties too. But that’s only because it’s in the nature of my job.


Took this one evening. Some words of encouragement for fellow gym junkies!


Did 45 minute session of kick-boxing and sparring the next evening.

Jab! Cross! Hook! Upper cut! Front kick! Roundhouse kick! Side kick!

Damn, my lats and traps hurt badly the next day – no surprise.


Some of my post-workout meals and breakfast to give you peeps some new recipe ideas!

Yesyes, I know I still owe you that fitness/clean food page. I remember okay! 😛


Muesli with strawberries, pure yoghurt and cinnamon


Tuna, egg white scramble chia seeds, kidney beans and onion bake


Steamed herbed tilapia with oven-roasted carrots and rosemary!


Homemade wholemeal garlic bread, potato & onion soup

and baked chicken with sauteed veggies & mushrooms!


Grilled chicken breast in salt, pepper and thyme, pumpkin kernals,

chia seeds roasted tomatoes and a side of lettuce


Smoked salmon with onions, herbs and tomatoes


The start of my weekend was spent at Zouk Club KL for Heineken presents Ronski Speed LIVE in KL


Evidently, I had great company. Hubba hubba! 😉


As great fun as they may be, nothing beats a night out with bestiePam and buddyHisham!

Just like old times eh! x


 Rufus and I

 BestiePam and I


Jason (DJ Fono), myself and bestiePam having our own afterparty with shisha and supper at NZ cafe!


Sunny Saturday afternoon was spent in the city.

We checked out a new place for lunch at Egypt Kafe, Jalan Bukit Bintang. Not bad at all!

Adjourned for our spa session at Asianel Reflexology Spa.

 We were satisfied with the spa/massage/scrub service in general  but the staff & masseuse

could do with a lot more hospitality and courtesy.

My Sunday afternoon was spent with the boys hiking Broga Hill.

To the top we go! More about this in a full blog post soon


And that wraps up my fortnight of absence!

Yeah it may seem little (or does it?) but that’s because I’m actually saving most of it for individual blog posts.


By the way, it’s Merdeka month! Our national day is just around the corner.

Have you got your flags put up yet? I sure did! Can’t wait for independence day celebrations!


Anyway, I know I owe you guys and also my advertisers their coverage. But for now, it’s 2:18am and this beast needs to get her beauty sleep.

Till next time folks! Speak soon.



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