Hiya dear readers!

I’ve been away for a while, and haven’t been blogging for the past few days as I was experiencing some personal dilemmas which left me far from a good mood and… I had also been boggled with a mind-blowing fact.

You won’t believe it either.


Its official. I’m one of the Top 10 finalists of Miss Hard Rock Penang 2013.


Yeah, how unbecoming, right? I’ll blog about this soonest!

Everything, from how it happened to why it happened. Everything, from A-Z.


You’re probably wondering why I’m back in Penang again so soon right after spending my previous weekend in Penang as well. Okay here’s the reason – Penang is fabulous like that. LOL

On a serious note, I returned again as I had a long weekend off work due to the public holidays.

It’s the festive season again! Hari Raya celebration for the Muslims all around the world.

Which probably explains why the traffic was so horrendous.

Tourists being tourists in the front seat.

While we girls had our backseat fun. Okay, that didn’t sound right on all levels but whatever.

We also made sure we checked out the new Gurney Paragon mall along Gurney Drive.
Though I’ve been there before, I’ve only been to the F&B area, particularly TGI Friday’s for dinner and Moo Cow for dessert on separate occasions.


But when I heard that Gurney Paragon has just recently launched its retail zone, the inner shopaholic in me couldn’t be constrained by its reins any longer. It came as no surprise when the damage to my wallet was RM600 at popular European fashion label, H&M.

I bought a pair of Jeffrey Campbell inspired 5-inch booties (been looking for one for ages!), a pair of black and white striped pants (which Kon insisted they look like clown pants), a pair of ripped denim jeans (yeah, I would pay good money for torn clothes LOL) two sundresses (I’ve never owned a sundress before. Admittedly, all the dresses I have are either too provocative or the kind that I wouldn’t be caught wearing in front of my future in-laws LOL), a cute black casual dress with tiny leopards on it (it was on a really good sale! 15 bucks, would you resist?)  and lastly, a pair of off-shoulder checkered blouse (which ended up lost or stolen. Damn)


One thing that ticked me off was that H&M was completely devoid of cellular reception, you would think you were lost in a deserted jungle or an abandoned coal mine some 3000km away from civilization.

I cannot believe there was absolutely no signal, no phone line, no transmission whatsover inside H&M. So boys and girls, if you lost your friends or loved ones whilst shopping at Gurney Paragon and cannot seem to be able to call or text them…


Good luck in looking for them through the sea of clothes though! 😛

We all ventured out for some local Penang food and seafood at Long Beach Cafe, Batu Feringghi

Apart from having my Hokkien Prawn Mee fix, we went all out for seafood too.

Me and my cuppa caffeine fix at Pacific Coffee Company, Gurney Paragon

I ordered my usual, Cafe Mocha. Actually, I don’t have a usual. I drink anything that has coffee in it LOL

The coffee there was nothing to shout about. I liked mine just fine but the rest somewhat didn’t.

Oh well. I guess Pacific Coffee Company warrants a second visit from me soon, just to be sure.

Buddies and I playing with the panorama camera on the iPhone, over coffee.

Workouts and gym are a must for me, anytime, anywhere.

I don’t skip my tight routines, lest I punish myself with double the intensity the next day to make up for it.

Hiking in the woods! Such an easy hill, really. I should attempt bigger challenges soon.

Just another gym selfie.

The peak of my long weekend would probably be the tragedy which happened near my neighbourhood.

I wrote the full story here.

The smoke and ash was so bad I literally had to walk around like this.

And yes, that’s an Angry Bird tee.

Yup, it was a massive fire that destroyed 14 houses in total.

My heart goes out to the victims. Love and blessings to all affected xx

Come nightfall, the buddies and I headed to Soho Gastro Pub in Precinct 10

for some drinkies and letting our hair down.

Buddies circa 2007

Thanks for the awesome party, Sam!


BestiePam and I

We are the music of the party! Or at least we think we were. Haha!


So… what else made my week?

That’s about it, I reckon. Oh and probably these random pretty things as well.

An adorable glass mural I spotted at Paddington House of Pancakes, The Curve.

Spotted a tiny kid playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City while his family were on their gadgets as well.

Sad. But this sight is a common one, in this day and age.

Yummy middle eastern dinner at Oregi in Subang.

I know it probably looks like glob to you, or prison food but despite its looks, it tastes pretty damn fine.

Celebrated a colleague’s birthday in Kim Gary, The Curve.

Did you know that you get this free watermelon fruit “basket” if it’s your birthday month?

Well, now you do.

A message written on my Starbucks cardboard cup.

Funny how a simple note like that can brighten your day. Here’s to wishing you a lovely day too!

Thank you, Penang, for always making my stay back home worthwhile.


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