Hiya lovelies!

It's been a while since I've posted in The Sunday Times' weekly reads, I know. Ever since I started my new job and moved into a new condominum, I've been awfully busy! 

Been so occupied settling with new responsibilities, moving my furniture & luggage back and forth (I didn't hire movers LOL. In fact, I still have some stuff left in my old place!), I hardly even have time for myself anymore, much less this blog! Bummer.


Just the daily grind at work


To all my friends, family and especially sponsors whose blog posts I owe, I promise I will get to it ASAP! 

You have my word. Just need to juggle it all and get back on track with the blogging routine again and I'll be ay-okay. 


Hey look, I even got myself a to-do list to organize the newborn clutter in my brain


Well, that explains my lack of updates in The Sunday Times.

But don't get me wrong. I ain't complaining… for the world! I absolutely LOVE my bosses, my colleagues and my job. heart So much so that I often feel that I'm so cookie-cut out for this!devil


Meetings after meetings. Brainstorm sessions ensue. Putting my ideas into text.


Casual Fridays at work. I just did a voiceover for an ad too.


Although I've done voiceovers for dramas before, hearing my own voice on an online ad harboured a different feel to it!

Tapi taklah beza sangat, cume agak pelik je.


While I was alone in the office late one night working on a deadline the next day


When you have your passion or expertise for a job, you won't feel like you're even working a day of your life at all!

Here's one of the latest projects I'm undertaking at present:


Yup! We're managing Citroen Malaysia's official Facebook page, among many others.

I couldn't resist taking a photo with the French-made Citroen DS5 that NAZA has just brought in!


Wanna see a closer view of the whole car? It's really a sight to behold.surprise

Standing at RM195K, this premium French car comes with ingenious technology and aerodynamic controls

I would know, as I've not only I've been inside but have researched a hell lot about this beauty.



Oh, in case you didn't know by now, I'm a writer (again) but neither a features writer nor a journalist this time round. I now work as a creative ad content/copy writer for a Digital Agency who handles digital advertising & marketing, web development, social media management, banner ads, the creation of mobile apps and heaps more.

So as you can guess, I produce advertising content/text and commercial write-ups for a living.


Okay, enough about my day job, hey? smiley


Shall I consolidate two months worth of random updates already?

The heavier ones will have their individual blog posts. You know the drillwink


Attended A Cut Above's Amazing 34 Hair Party! 

Full blog article soon!


Got started on Yoga since I wasn't allowed to hit the gym

for a month after being discharged from hospital! frown


I never knew I could contort myself into so many different positions! surprise


Even the Yoga Instructor lambasted me, "How can you be a first timer when you're so flexible?"

I guess errr… I've always been athletic and I used to dabble in breakdancing?blush


I wanted a huge Belgian carpet for my bedroom so carpet-shopping here I come! 


UPDATEenlightenedAfter I posted this, so many of you asked me where I bought the carpet.

You can get it from the entire row of carpet wholesalers at Jalan Bandar Timah @ Ipoh, Perak.


Guess which one I chose?

Okay, you don't actually need to guess. laugh It's pretty obvious below:



Frolicking on my new carpet with babyChivas!


Taking a break from my roadtrip! Dang. I realized I haven't blogged about my new car yet. 

Ala, tapi korang tau camne Ford Fiesta looks like, kan? Nemmai, no need post lah k? devil


Received lush beauty & body products from New Zealander brand MARACA

Full blog feature up soon!


If you didn't know I was on a hunt for a new watch for the longest time now.indecision

Despite looking for premium, upper-end watches, I wasn't looking for anything TOO luxurious like Cartier, Breitling, Omega, Tag Heuer or Tissot that would cost me several tens of thousands (I'd reserve that as downpayment for a property instead).

So I narrowed my choices down to DKNY, Sovil et Titus, GUESS and Fossil, among a few other brands.

I browsed and browsed and browsed for the perfect one but nothing seemed to make me tick. (HAHAHA GEDDIT? GEDDIT?)



I chose this one in the end, by 

American brand Fossil est.1984 and bought it in a heartbeat.


Fell head-first in love with the 90 multi-coloured swarovski crystals, the Tiffany-blue face and of course, the chronograph dials. heartheart The moment I saw this baby, I knew I didn't wanna browse for any other timepieces anymore.

I've had my mind set on this, and only this, was THE ONE for me.

Lawa gile jam tangan nih kan?! crying




Here comes the food recommendation part of The Sunday Times. It's gonna be quite lengthy this time round – one is surely capable of eating that much in a span of two months!


Epic buffet dinner celebration at my favorite Japanese

buffet restaurant – TAO Japanese Buffet to celebrate my new job! yes



Just a picture of the lovely interior decor of The Apartment @ The Curve

Totaly diggin' the minimalist concept! heart


Lunch one weekend at Tom, Dick & Harry's @ TTDI



Had my dinner at one of my favourite haunts, Secret Recipe @ The Curve

Mr. BFF and I ordered Mac n Cheese and their best-seller, the Braised Lamb Shank.

I chose my favorite cake there, the White Dark Chocolate cake!



Checked out this new restaurant: Paradise Iranian Restaurant @ Damansara Perdana

Not a fan of Iranian tea but I've always enjoyed Iranian food and culture



The owners of Paradise were very friendly, accomodating and informative! laugh

We even engaged in a conversation about Iranian VS Malaysian entertainment showbiz


This was what we ordered. Grilled Chicken Kebab and Saffron Rice. It costed us only RM12 per meal

enlightenedCURRENT PROMOenlightened If you order any four main meals, you will get a free shisha session.



Breakfast at another one of my usual morning spots: O'Briens Irish Sandwich Bar @ The Curve



Dinnerdate one night at Levain Boulangerie Patisserie @ Jalan Delima KL.

Despite having a selection of main meals, I've always opted for their cakes/pastries/desserts instead..

The Beryl's Chocolate Truffle and Cheese Soufflé are to die for. Something I'd never forgo!

Recommendation: ★★★


Situated in the bustling township of Kota Damansara, lies a relatively

new bakery cum restaurant called Bonjour Garden Bakery.

Prices are really low but not compromising the taste and quality of the food! Try it for yourselves.

Recommendation: ★★★


Joined my bosses for lunch at Ramen Taiko @ Mont Kiara after a meeting

The platter, sushi rolls, maki and sashimi didn't disappoint! 

Ratings: ★★★


I've never ate Ramen in my entire life. Percaya tak? I'm not even joking.

I had lunch with my bosses again, this time in Marutama Ramen in Empire Shopping Gallery @ Subang.

It tasted meaty, rich in flavour and was slightly overwhelming for my first time, but I actually liked it.

Ratings: ★★✩


Lunch one afternoon at Sid's Pub @ Damansara Heights. My Grilled Salmon was perfect yes

Just the right portion, balance, food presentation & colour, price and taste. Ya hit the right spot, bruh!

Recommendation: ★★★


Strawberry Cheesecake at Delicious @ Mid Valley Megamall, KL

I loved it. I was not too sweet with just the right hint of strawberry flavour. Yummy!

enlightenedCURRENT PROMOenlightened All cakes at Delicious goes at half the price after 9PM

Recommendation: ★★★


Waffle World @ 1 Utama for lunch

The smoked salmon waffles were delicious but the pancakes weren't

as smooth or melt-in-your-mouth as it looksfrown So go for the former instead!

Recommendation: ★★✩


I've always loved waffles. Grew up with an A&W across the road from where I live, but till now, no one seems to fancy eating waffles for lunch or dinner with me.frown

What's with the world's mindset saying you can only have waffles and pancakes for tea time? I'M GONNA CHANGE THAT.angry

Waffles and pancakes doesn't ONLY come as a sweet dish, it works perfectly as a savoury dish too OKAY? Those were the days when waffles were only eaten with butter, ice-cream or maple syrup.



Just kidding wink


In Black & White kopitiam @ Damansara Perdana: Looks like

a pretty decent Curry Wan Tan Mee with Char Siew right?

WRONG. This tastes like cardboard. Or the stuff that runs outta old, rusty pipes.

Recommendation: ✩✩✩✩


We'll take a break from food for a short while. Pasti dah bosan, kan? Hari-hari makan je… 


Random outfit of the day post before heading off to the city


Off to Club Neverland for Steve Aoki's mini rave party!

Full blog article up soon!


Bare faces with bestiePam. We're off for a morning brunch and a facial appointment! laugh


Just being silly in silly glasses.


Just the usual gym jams. This was obviously before hospitalization!


Moviedate time! It gets rather cold in the theater so I wore my diamante skull cardigan!

'Jack the Giant Slayer' was amazing! Ewan McGregor is still a heartthrob after all these years heart


Bought new shoes! A girl can never have enough shoes laugh This I testify.

Glad I don't have to worry about my shoes being constantly stolen anymore since I moved into a new condo!


 I also graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication & Journalism! laugh

I was supposed to graduate last year but took some time off to be in Australia and to work LOL

Full blog article soon!


The Boyfriend came back from Australia! Oh, if you're wondering the Doraemon thing was an inside joke,

but it's not "inside" anymore if you've read my Instagram or Twitter post about it LOL


He didn't only bring himself back, he brought back souvenirs from Australia too!

Pasti sukahati kalau dapat hadiah, kan? YAY! devilheart


Remember when I posted on Twitter that I spotted a mamak pole dancing?

You asked for photos so here they are LOL wink


Attended Future Music Festival Asia and A State of Trance 600

Epic rave party I tell ya!

Full blog article soon!


Japanese food at MIKAN Japanese Cuisine with my girls during our lunch hour


We picked our meals from their choice of set lunches.

I had the Teriyaki Salmon Bento Set that came with Chawanmushi and Miso Soup

enlightenedCURRENT PROMOenlightened RM12.90 per lunch set (limited to 20 sets a day)

Recommendation: ★★★


Spotted this car near my office. Pretty rad modification right?

It was originally a Perodua Kelisa modified to resemble what I initially thought was a Mini Cooper, but 

one of my Instagram followers pointed out to me that it made to look like a Daihatsu Mira Gino!

Thanks for the heads up smiley


While others modify their cars to take the form of another, others just get a minimalistic car sticker.

I actually like Doraemon but not to the extent of wanting a kiddy motif plastered on my car though. blush




Although I may eat like a famished wild boar with no sense of control whatsoever when I'm dining out, I love to cook healthy food in the comfort of my own kitchen.

Yup, clean eating, as much as I can help it, is the way to go! laugh


Muesli with avocado slices! A power combo of multigrain rolled oats, whole almonds,

toasted barley flakes, Brazilian nuts and sunflower seeds!


Grilled salmon with herbs, onions & dill, sides of poached eggs

all on a bed of lettuce with zero-fat plain yoghurt + raw honey as dressing!


Organic wholewheat fusilli with honey roasted tomato halves & long green beans,t

opped with fresh tomato purée and rosemary.

The tomatoes I made were inspired by a popular Iranian delicacy! laugh

Brought salad to workies!


Wheat bran toast with pan-fried eggs, beans, oregano and a side of kiwi fruit!


Fluffy scrambled eggs with haricot beans, a side of boiled broccoli and a dash of peppercorn.


Muesli with skimmed milk and grapes


Wholegrain toast with tuna, avocado mash, onions, kidney beans and hard boiled omega eggs.


Organic fusilli salad tossed with haricot beans, brocolli, oregano and shitake mushrooms!


Chicken and vegetable stew!



Guess where I am? I bet most of you will never know.

I actually plan to write a 10 things I love about Ipoh or something of that nature pretty soon.

I've got lots of places to recommend you whee! cool


Sunday mornings with the bestieJoyce. Brought her for a nail spa session in Bangsar


Thanks to Amante Nail Spa and Body Care for sponsoring me

a nail spa + manicure sessionmy hands and nails were in tip-top condition.

Full blog post up soon!


Coffee + nom session with my girls one Friday night at Artisan Roast Coffee @ TTDI

Gonna give this one an individual blog post as well; so much to say about the place! smiley


In case you forgot, I have a cat. laugh

Wait a sec – how can you ever forget this face?


Looking all demure and aristoCATic on my bedside table


I just had this conversation w theboyfie yesterday.

What will our daily lives be without babyChivas, really? Sure, we have each other and our friends.

It'll be fine but… there will be no one to greet us anxiously at the door with soft mews whenever we return home, no one to tease/bully, no one to topple things over and annoy us, no bushy tail to brush our knees whenever we walk around the house, no one to carry and cradle in our arms, no one to make faces at and poke with our toes, no one to walk into our rooms conveniently, no one to dominate our chairs/bed and refuse to let us re-claim it, no one to sleep anywhere and everywhere in the most comical positions possible and above all, no warm little furry body to hug, squeeze and keep us company with the most innocent face anyone can ever imagine.heart

No one but you…


My little superman. And the apple of my eye heart


Among all the cats I have met, Chivas is the most docile and affectionate cat I've ever had the pleasure of loving (and bullying hehe!). My life will never be as interesting without him by my side – as hyperbolic as that might sound.


Okay, enough sappy love declarations. 


Yesterday, I drove back to visit the family to celebrate15 years of godmother-god daughter

relationship with my godmother. There is a rather melancholic story of how it all started. 

More of that in another blog post, okie?


Have a great week ahead. AND… REMEMBER TO EAT YOUR WAFFLES! Hahaha! devil


Much love,



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