Howdy, folks!

This entire week saw me being nomadic almost every other day.

Try alternating between KL-Ipoh-Penang several times in a span of seven days? Nothing all too exciting, I practically live in those three states all my life.


Here are some of the things that made my week a blast.


Downloaded a new fish-eye app and had fun checking it out one morning


Funny how I didn't buy ANY bottoms for my new

Chinese New Year clothes, but bought FOUR bottoms in one day.


Yeah I guess I'm an impulsive shopper like that.

After shopping, I headed to my new-found favourite food haunt in Kinta City Mall – Black Canyon Coffee.


One of the dishes I fancy most here – it's delicious and healthy!

Highly recommended : Black Pepper Salmon Salad


As well as their Grilled Chicken Salad!


When it comes to being in Ipoh, one can only expect some of the best local food. 

Take the famous Ipoh Nga Choi Kai, for example, at Onn Kee Restaurant @ Jalan Yau Tet Shin, Ipoh.


And just around the corner lies Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah & Soybean Milk

Have heard so much about it, but this is my first time trying it! Yum! 


Okay heading back to Penang again!


This needs no introduction. I'm home!


Being back in Penang means babyChivas would have to stay at the boarder's again.

I just love the photo on the left – how cute!


Like my new moustache ring? I love it 

Took me long enough to wear one – for fear of being labelled a hipster fag LOL


Febuary 14th, 2013. Yay.


Who says Valentines Day is only for romance?

Friendship as well as parental love, are one of the best kinds of love around!


Was given a pretty red rose on the eve of Valentines by this boy whom I've not seen in ages! *blush*


I can be such a girl sometimes. My fondness for red roses knows no limit.


How non-traditional can my Valentines Day get? 

I went clubbing with a bunch of buddies LOL.


Was so happy to see Mr. Selva, manager of MOIS No.1 Upper Penang Road again

The club that I practically spent all my late-teenagehood in back in those days of 2007-2010


He and his team of bouncers, waiters and staff never fail to give me VIP treatment every time I return to the club when I do come back to Penang.

With them around, I always feel so warmly welcomed and always bring my friends to share the fun with me!


At the VIP zone directly behind the DJ deck and facing the main area


BestieJoyce and I partying just like we used to during our college days! 

Nothing's changed, eh.


The boys Chan Wai, Wee Hwang and I!


BuddyVincent and I!

Pals for 9 years and counting!


Kevin and I! 

Why don't we ever have a non-party photo together, eh?


Speaking of partying. I miss rave parties!

Heard this remix of Hardwell's original track, Spaceman. This one's called 'Call me a Spaceman'.





It was a lovely day the next afternoon right after the rain had subsided.

What better to do than to enjoy Mother Nature outdoors?


In Penang's most beautiful park, Botanical Gardens


It was sunny and warm, yet with the gentle, cool breeze sweeping your cheeks.


I had a good, long afternoon lying on the grass,

taking in the wondrous sights of lush greenery 


It was also a beautiful day to have a picnic!


This came as a surprise and made my day all the more cheerier.


I love roses, but they never last forever. :/

But this handmade paper-origami single stalk of red rose I received that afternoon will live as long as I! Quite clearly, it was meticulously done. I wouldn't have been able to think of this at all!  Thank you 


Just some photos of me and my favourite red rose.


And another!


My healthy, hearty wholemeal sammich.

Complete with lettuce, hardboiled eggs and tuna! 


Nom! Just glad the monkeys didn't disturb me too much.



Dusk was descending pretty soon in town.


Guess where I am?


At a novel and popular burger joint called Marshall's along Burma Road @ Georgetown!

They were so good I had to stop myself from ordering a dozen more:P


Dessert at lovely, quaint and relatively hipster-themed PIKNIK Cafe!

This chocolate chip waffle topped with almonds & vanilla ice-cream is 'Black Voodoo'. Try it!


On the journey back to KL!


As Chinese New Year (my next blog post!) was already over, it was time to head back to the city and resume my day-to-day there. Headed out for some grocery shopping in Tesco to fuel my tummy for the week (or two). 


The environmentally-friendly side of me took control and I found myself bringing along recyclable

non-woven bags to carry my groceries — instead of using their plastic bags!


Did you know that Tesco rewards its members with extra points on their Tesco Card each time a recyclable bag is used?

Bet you didn't. Me neither. But now, we all do!  Way to GO GREEN!


The very next morning, I woke up to my doorbell ringing and found that it was a mini parcel being delivered to me.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I love surprises! 


It was a lovely, girly package with compliments from Vanity Trove!

Thanks girls! Can't wait to open the treasures one by one and blog about them :D


That just made my Sunday morning all the more wonderful!

Have a lovely seven days ahead, you amazing people. I know mine will — I certainly do hope so, at least!


Much love,



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