With the petrol prices exorbitantly increasing before we can say “Could I get fries with that?”, our only way out would probably be to jump on the back of a truck sneakily or be adept at hitch-hiking random strangers.

I jest.


We all know that oil prices fluctuate. When it dropped to RM1.70 per litre, the Scrooge in me jumped for joy. But when it rose back to RM1.95 per litre of Shell FuelSave 95, my heart died a little. Thankfully I don’t use Shell V-Power (it is RM2.05 per litre)

Surely there must be a way to curb fuel expenditure? Ugh!

Unfortunately, my car is the only means of transport I have, so staying in control of my petrol budget seems to be an uphill struggle.


My friends are amazed how I “have a card for everything”.

Technically, membership cards & discounts cards help you save more. 😀 😀


So when I was introduced to SHELL’s easiGO American Express® Prepaid Card, I received it with open arms. Come  at  me, bruh!

It instantly brought me back to my high school method of curbing phone bills effectively.


Set yourself a quota every month so you won’t go overboard!

What is the Shell easiGO American Express® Prepaid Card? Adore

It is a secured reloadable prepaid card – much like the ones we used to use for reloading our prepaid phone credit back in the day!

As it works the same way as any debit card, it gives you better control of your spending and you can decide how muc money you choose to allocate for petrol on your prepaid card.

So much better when you can go cashless, save time while refuelling and pay efficiently at petrol stations, right?

This is what you will receive. Here’s mine.


This card doesn’t only limit you to car drivers.

It has two variants available, that specifically cater to car motorists and motorcyclists respectively.

You can find out the difference suited to your mode of transport, at www.Shell.com.my


Psst – You can also use it like a regular debit card when you go shopping. 😛

Ignore the sentence above. This post is supposed to be sharing how I save money, not encourage spending!



Using the Shell easiGo American Express Prepaid Card is a real blessing!


Been using it for the past 4-5 months now. So glad! Ha Ha

It’s super easy for me to track my petrol expenditure, without having to get it all mixed up with my other credit card transactions, as I normally would, prior to using it.

I used to encounter a billshock at the end of the month whenever I calculate how much my petrol consumption was, so much so that I once called up my bank to verify those petrol transactions. YellYell

Surely I didn’t spend almost RM400 on petrol alone, without realizing? Yikes.

This time round, I actually preset and set aside a fixed budget for my petrol use. RM200 per month into my Shell easiGO American Express® Prepaid Card.. Period.

Little did I know that this method actually works! I am now more prudent and aware of my petrol usage and drive more fuel efficiently.

Trust me, you’ll tend to work around your budget better. Way to go! Cool


Step 1: Insert your SHELL easiGo American Express® Prepaid Card

Step 2: Remove your card once it is read & approved by the system

Step 3: Begin filling up!

More information on this card – here


Since we’re on the topic of money management, here are 5 really simple ways how I attempt to save money. It has become my mantra!

1. Prioritize what you NEED (food) over what you WANT (that Chanel handbag).

2. Track your spending – use a pre-loaded card to avoid overspending

3. Choose the correct payment method that suits your needs and earns you rewards/benefits

4. Look for the best deals at places you shop (from the cards you use!)

5. Survey similar deals just to be sure you get the most out of your money.



For all the money I saved on petrol, I attribute it to Shell. I Surrender!

Thanks heaps!!


For more information on the SHELL easiGo American Express® Prepaid Card,

Log on to their official website at: www.Shell.com.my

LIKE them on Facebook at: www.fb.com/Shell